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Benefits of Wearing the Modal Dress

Modal fabric is well known as a fabric for nightwear, underwear and sportswear clothing as it is considered to be lightweight and stretchy. It is a great sustainable fabric, revolutionizing the fashion industry due to its benefits. However, how good modal fabric is for dresses?

What is the modal fabric?

Modal is a semi-synthetic fabric that is made from a beech tree pulp. It is considered to be a cotton alternative, but also it is often blended with other fibres like cotton and spandex. It is considered to be a luxurious fabric as it is more expensive than cotton or viscose. The fabric is widely used for sportswear, nightwear and underwear, but also very popular in household, for example, for bed sheets and towels.


Modal is considered to be extremely stretchy, stable and durable which makes it a great fabric for not only activewear and lifestyle clothing, but also dresses. Also, the fabric is shrinkage resistant which will help to keep your dress in shape for longer. Due to its high quality, the colours of the fabric stay vibrant even after many washes which will make your dress stand out.

Modal is a great fabric for washing too. It can be washed with the same guidelines as for cotton. It can be also washed in any temperature and be used in a dryer which helps you save time and money for dry cleaning!


One of the biggest benefits modal fabric has is comfortability, which is extremely important when you are wearing a dress. There is nothing worse when a dress only looks good but is extremely uncomfortable!

First of all, the modal fabric is 50% more absorbent than cotton which will help you to stay dry and comfy especially throughout the hot days. The fabric is also shrinkage-resistant which will help the dress to keep its shape and will look good on your body after each wash. The material is extremely breathable and does not trap body heat which is necessary especially trough out the summer or busy days at work. Lastly, the modal fabric is super soft, which will give you that extra sense of comfort whilst wearing a dress.

The Look

Modal fabric will make your dress look elegant and luxurious. It drapes well on your body and is considered as a great silk alternative. Also, the fabric has a smooth finish and does not crease which will help you look always elegant and put together in your dress.


Modal is considered as a sustainable and eco-friendly fabric. It is made from natural materials and is completely biodegradable. It is carbon- neutral and requires less land to grow than cotton fibres. Also, water consumption is 10 to 20 times less to grow modal than cotton which makes it a great sustainable fabric that will not make a negative impact on the planet.

Modal is a great fabric for not only leisurewear but dresses too. Due to its great benefits like shrinkage resistance, breathability and high quality, modal fabric dress will be comfortable, perfect for hot summer days and will last you long. The luxurious feel and soft finish will make you look elegant and classy without putting too much effort and the stretchiness of the fabric will give you an extra boost of confidence. Therefore, the modal dress can be a great investment that will not let you down under any occasion.