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Benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Dubai is traditionally associated with luxury and stays the most attractive emirate of the UAE. In the world’s largest metropolis, there are more than 60 areas where foreigners can buy and dispose of property at their discretion. One of the yet not-so-widely advertised areas is Emaar Beachfront.

It is just beginning to gain popularity, although the infrastructure of the territory and flats in Emaar Beachfront for expats is equal to such famous resort regions as Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeirah Island. Real estate agencies in Dubai strongly recommend residents of Europe not pass by this gated community. Consider why it is worth investing in the community housing stock.

Benefits of Buying Property in Dubai in Emaar Beachfront

The active interest of investors in housing in coastal areas is entirely justified. The exclusivity of such real estate is due not only to the proximity to the sea. Despite the emirate’s uniqueness and the authorities’ efforts to make the coastal zone larger through construction of artificial islands, the territories need more space. It is still possible to find apartments for sale in Dubai overlooking the Persian Gulf, but over time there will be nowhere to build, and secondary housing will steadily increase in price.

The investment attractiveness of the area is also directly related to the increase in demand for housing in the emirate. The market is rising, and the number of transactions is growing. However, according to experts, prices will also rise in the future. Therefore, investing in foreign real estate is advisable before its price rises. Subsequently, highly liquid objects can be profitably resold or leased. The profitability percentage varies from 5 to 8%, depending on the specific type of housing stock.

Advantages of buying apartments in Dubai

Buying a property in Dubai has some advantages for whatever purpose it is accepted. What gives buying an apartment in Dubai:

  • obtaining resident status. The owner of housing worth more than $200,000 (12 million rubles) gets the right to reside in the UAE; access to the local healthcare system, etc., is in the top 5 best countries for living and working;
  • preferential tax regime and ease of business relocation process. Given that Dubai is still the venue for exhibitions and world-class events (for example, Expo), more and more people want to settle there and start their own businesses. And it is easy to do this due to the possibility of registering a company in free economic zones. The founder is provided with tax benefits and customs preferences;
  • high return on investment. Investors see the profitability of investing in local real estate because the ROI reaches 9%.

When the advantages are so obvious, it makes no sense to deny the benefits of buying an apartment in Dubai at the price of real estate in cities with a population of over a million. Not surprisingly, the demand for housing in the UAE is growing steadily.

The cost of real estate in Dubai in the area of Emaar Beachfront

In Dubai, you can find the right accommodation option for any budget. The cost of an apartment is affected by its location, in particular the prestige of the area, as well as the class of housing and the stage of construction.

While the development of the territory is not fully completed, the prices for the housing stock remain quite affordable:

  • one-bedroom apartments are offered for $350,000;
  • apartments with two bedrooms are sold for $560,000;
  • a three-bedroom home can be bought for $1 million.
  • townhouses and villas for sale in Dubai are selling for $1.3 million or more.

Selection of properties for sale in Dubai in Emaar Beachfront

Employees of the licensed real estate services AX Capital will assist with setting housing stock for any purpose. In the catalog, you can find the latest offers in the community of Emaar Beachfront and other popular locations in the emirate. We have completed properties and properties for sale off plan in Dubai. You can find your dream home right now.