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Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Skin

Find out what can influence the skin health, how to use various essential oils and learn about the main properties of these oils

The Best Essential Oils or How to Make Your Skin Gorgeous

For many centuries, essential oils were regarded to be ideal medicines, allowing you to maintain health, keep your skin salubrious and treat different ailments. One and the same essential oil can be applied for different purposes. In this review, we’ll bandy about the best oils, allowing you to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

What Influences the State of Your Skin

The primary target of skin is to protect us from outside aggression. The state of your skin reflects the state of the health grounds. Below, you can find several factors that have sway over your skin:

  • This is the first factor which influences your skin. When you are a student, you grumble at skin imperfections or blackhead. When you are growing in years, your skin becomes drier, thinner and more wrinkles appear.
  • When you sleep less than 8 hours per day, you don’t have a rest, work a lot, or you are getting ready to end-of-semester exams, the first signs of fatigue will be reflected on your skin. Thus, to avoid this, try to sleep enough. If you can’t cope with all college assignments, ask your friends to help you, find companies, offering UK essay help, try to reduce your workload. Think about your health first!
  • In sober fact, temperature doesn’t alter your skin. You should pay attention to humidity more because too low or too high humidity can cause an oily look to the face.
  • Air Quality. Polluted air blocks pores and saturates the detox system.

These are the main factors, affecting the state of your skin. Definitely, when we are young, we don’t pay attention to such factors, but when we are getting along in years, the first signs of age appear on your facial skin first.

The Best Oils for Your Skin

You probably know that botanical extracts serve various purposes. Nevertheless, before you start using one or another oil, you ought to make sure whether it is possible to use it in the undiluted form. Below, you can find the list of salutiferous oils for your skin.


This is a versatile oil which balances the production of oil and conditions your skin, reduces inflammation and balances hormones. It can be used by individuals with different skin types. The oil is one of the main constituents of various moisturizers. Geranium oil is a number one element in aromatherapy. If you suffer from such dermatological problems as congested skin, dermatitis or eczema, geranium oil can help you forget about these symptoms.


The prime objective of this oil is to heal all skin irritations. Besides, lavender oil can be used for all types of skin. It cleanses scrapes and calms down irritated skin. This is one of the oldest oils in the world, which was discovered for more than 2000 ago. The oil has high-powered antimicrobial, calming, antioxidant and antidepressive effects. This particular oil is used for either cosmetic or therapeutic purpose.

Ylang Ylang

If you have acne prone or oily skin, ylang ylang oil can help you fight all those effects. Besides, this oil is one of the main constituents of lots of anti-aging creams. It helps combat the effects of aging and even stimulates the growth of cells. This oil has antidepressant, antiseptic and aphrodisiac properties.


This oil has many health benefits and the most important of them are antiseptic and antidepressant properties. The oil easily removes toxic agents, prevents various infections and relieves depression. Besides, if your skin is too sensitive or acneic, add several drops of chamomile oil to your daily cream


Those who have large pores or acne know how difficult it is to treat such skin. In the majority of instances, all cosmetic units are ineffective. Nevertheless, lemongrass essential oil is regarded to be a highly effective remedy. This oil is frequently used as a skin toner or astringent. In any case, if your overarching goal is to improve the skin glow, lemongrass oil should be your must-have product.

Tea Tree

In sober fact, tea tree can be used for different purposes. The most important of them are antibacterial and antifungal properties. Thus, we can conclude that this oil can be highly effective for oily skin.

It is also known as Melaleuca. You can buy tea tree oil in the nearest pharmacy and use it for making cleaning products at home, apply it to heal skin issues or kill mold in the air. These days, tea tree oil is frequently added to an awful lot of cosmetic and household products.

As you see, essential oils have lots of health benefits. So, if you care about the state of your skin, you should use them. In some instances, it is much better and even more profitable to learn what oils can be good for your skin and use them instead of buying a foremost too expensive cream.