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Beauty Tips to Boost the Volume of Your Lashes

Expressive eyes with long and thick eyelashes can fix any imperfection of the skin because all looks will be focused on them. A good tool for eyelash growth can help radically change the length of your eyelashes in several weeks, which will add depth and attractiveness to your look. So, let’s talk about the most high-quality and effective means for eyelash growth.

Cosmetic Products

The beauty industry provides a huge number of means and items to boost the volume of your lashes, as well as to take care of them. Activators of eyelash growth will help you restore the genetically inherited length and volume. While special shampoos are intended to ensure proper care after your lashes. For example, you could take advantage of the eyelash growth products provided by a variety of cosmetic brands. If you’ve decided to try eyelash shampoos, we recommend you to make sure of the following:

  • it should be made by a reliable well-known brand;
  • it should have cleaning properties and cause no irritation;
  • it should contain natural ingredients;
  • it should be medically tested and certified;
  • positive feedback on popular forums is an advantage.

You can grow beautiful eyelashes with a properly chosen shampoo. However, it should be understood that any of them will make a miracle: the length of the lashes is programmed by the DNA and only radical interventions can change it.

Homemade Recipes

You will be surprised to hear that there are quite a lot of homemade recipes for lashes volumizing. The most recommended recipes contain the castor or burdock oils, aloe juice or calendula flowers.

Castor oil is an effective and well-known component for eyelash growth, which stimulates hair follicles by the acids contained in it. However, do not apply castor oil on the eyelashes for the whole night. Oil irritates the eye mucous membrane and the delicate skin of the eyelids. Because of this, you run the risk of getting red watery eyes and baggy skin in the morning.

Burdock oil strengthens eyelashes and accelerates their growth due to sitosterol and stigmasterol – plant stearins that stimulate the process of cell division. It should be used in the same way as castor oil: apply it on eyelashes for 15–45 minutes and then remove.

Useful Habits for Eyelashes

Weakened lashes will not grow better, no matter what means you use. Therefore, you need to acquire several habits that will help boost your eyelashes:

  1. Always remove the mascara at night or immediately after returning home.
  2. Massage your eyelids to improve blood circulation, but in the way as not to stretch the delicate skin.
  3. Change the mascara once every three months to avoid inflammation.
  4. Do not sleep on your stomach: the eyelashes may become deformed in contact with the pillow, which will make them weak and fragile.

Finally, you decide what product to choose. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer if you use cosmetic products and consult with specialists if you use homemade recipes! Let your eyelashes look healthy and magnificent.