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Beauty Tips For On-The-Go Professionals

The average on-the-go professional barely has time to polish off an avocado toast, check her emails and caffeinate herself before flying out the door, so it can be tricky to make sure her beauty routine is in working order. And throughout the day, as the work piles up, as the texts roll in saying “what are you up to tonight?” and as the heat and stuffiness from the office cause sweat and oil to crawl up to the pores, it can be difficult to juggle your beauty needs.

Before diving into a routine, here’s what you want to prepare for (even if it’s a “just in case” scenario): prepare for a long day; prepare for a day where you might have to meet someone important, with little time to get ready; prepare for your pores to get a little oily, whether it’s the heat and humidity that does it, or stress, which can trigger oil production in your glands; prepare to go out after work (treat yourself, right?); and prepare to have little energy by the time you get home to get all your makeup off. With that in mind, let’s look at an average day.

The night before, you’ll have set everything you need for the next day on the bathroom counter. Reach for a reliable primer to start, something like the Skindinavia primer spray they have at b-glowing.com/skindinavia just to even out your skin, mattify it and reduce the look of pores before you head onto the next step. Next up, apply a lightweight foundation with good coverage; you can apply a BB or CC cream if that’s what you like, but it might be too oily and temporary for an entire day out. Finally, apply a finishing spray for some extra insurance against fading and meltdowns.

By the time lunch rolls around, you might notice that you’re getting a bit oily. Never fear, because you’ve brought two things to help you weather the storm: blotting papers and a small tube of concealer. Blotting papers might not be a great long-term solution, but if you’re look for a quick way to clean the shine off your face without mucking with your makeup, they’re definitely the way to go. After you’ve blotted, just dot some concealer on any problem area that might have surfaced, and voila! Like new again.

So you’ve made it through the day, and now it’s time to unwind and have a little fun. You need something to indicate that you’ve let your hair down (short of actually, you know, letting your hair down), so make sure you’ve brought some flashier lipstick and eyeliner, to give you that wild night look. Oh, and maybe you’ve found yourself ducking down a side street to reapply – use the front camera on your phone as a mirror!

When the night’s done, you’ll want so badly just to crawl into bed, but if you can muster just one last iota of energy, make sure to remove your makeup with something that will also cleanse your pores. Oh, and don’t forget to have your morning routine set up – makeup, rinse, repeat!