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Be Your Own Best Friend- Live a Confident Life

If I ask you who your best friend is, you would probably give me a name of a person. In reality, the only person who can be your best friend is you. What is the definition of a best friend? Someone who has been through thick and thin time with you, the longest relationship of your life, the person you can rely on when no one is around. Well, only one person can qualify as that, ‘you’. So, it is time to develop this relationship with yourself.

How do you become your own best friend?

Respect Each other:

Do not put yourself down. Do not denigrate yourself. When you fail, give yourself the benefit of the doubt. When you think of thoughts which are disrespectful, stop yourself.

Praise Yourself when its Due:

If you do something right, praise yourself. Self-encouragement and appreciation will keep you motivated to do more of good work.

Forgive Yourself:

If you make a mistake, it is natural for you to regret. You may hurt for some time. It is a good practice to forgive yourself for the wrong-doing, not waste any more time grieving and moving on.

Don’t Let Yourself Suffer:

If something goes wrong in life, you need to calm yourself down, explain and make yourself understand that such situations occur and move on with life. A friend would be by your side and reduce the impact of the suffering, do the same for yourself.

Enjoy your Solitude:

Spending time alone with oneself is very important for every person. Breathe deeply and read your own mind. Relax, listen to music or do something creative and stay away from gadgets. Tell yourself how much you enjoy your own company.

Love yourself Unconditionally:

You might not be the perfect person out there, you must have made your share of mistakes and will make some more in future. All these things should not affect your love for yourself. We love our best friends unconditionally, similarly, you need to love yourself without any conditions.

Enjoy Alone, Have Fun:

You do not always need someone around to have fun. You can have fun by yourself as well. Pursue your hobby, watch a movie, explore a place, have a cup of coffee alone, etc. Try something similar and you will definitely enjoy being just by yourself.

Bring Your Best Out:

Analyze what you are good at and be your own cheerleader. A friend motivates you to make you the best version of yourself. If you know your positives and negatives, you can cheer and motivate yourself to be the best you can be.

Increase your Self-Esteem

You like to be around people who are confident and believe in themselves. Similarly, you would want to be around yourself if you have self-esteem. But many of us face problems when it comes to being satisfied with himself or herself. If you are facing such a problem, free psychic chat rooms are always available to help you with the root of this issue.

You can use these techniques to be your best friend, this will make you confident and self-dependent and you can be there for yourself in both difficult and easy times.