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Be Extremely Careful When You Buy Rice-Plastic Rice is Spreading Across Asia

Be extremely careful when you are buying food, especially rice because plastic rice is spreading across Asia. Unfortunately, plastic rice can be found in many famous brands and it’s spreading fast across Asia. After consumption of this type of rice, people have reported having stomach problems and gastritis.


Plastic Rice –Danger To Our Health

It’s very difficult to recognize plastic rice because it’s mixed with normal rice packs. Health experts claim that fake rice contains synthetic resin, a poisonous compound that can cause serious damage to your digestive system. Plastic rice is made from synthetic resin, potatoes and sweet potatoes and it looks identical with the natural rice.
The Malaysian Agriculture explains that they haven’t received any reports about plastic rice and they think that this product is most likely be sold in the small shops rather than large markets.

How to Recognize the Fake Rice?

As we already said, it’s really difficult to see any difference between plastic and natural rice, but there is a way to recognize them. When you cook plastic rice, it will remain hard and it will form plastic sheath. If you put fire on the sheath, it will burn just like plastic.