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Basic Tips to Avoid Contact Lens Discomfort

The ability to see is a gift that should not be taken for granted. There are a number of glasses and contact lens available in the market that can be worn as per need and preference however their maintenance is extremely important so as to avoid any discomfort with vision.

Making the switch from specs to contact lens eliminates half the discomfort for its users but it would be unfair to say that contact lenses are problem free. Like a lot of lenses in the market, bella contact lenses are a popular choice among user but just like everything else they have their own share of pros and cons and require some looking after. One of the most common problems with wearing contact lenses is that it can cause discomfort to the individual but if certain tips are kept in mind then this can be avoided as well. The most common discomforts that a wearer feels are things like blurred vision, burning, stinging, watering, itching, pain, sensitivity to light, redness, dry eye and others. In order to avoid all of the above here are certain tips that should be kept in mind:

  • The contact lens should fit you like a glove

Something as sensitive as the eyes requires the highest levels of care and if your current lens is causing discomfort then it probably might be because they are not of the correct fit for you. It is advisable to visit an eye doctor and get a complete eye checkup done to determine the unique shape and size of your eyes.  Most of the contact lenses are made to fit your entire cornea and an ill-fitted lens should be immediately changed. Bella glow lenses are a great option for first time users.

  • Care and hygiene should be maintained

The way you keep your lens is extremely important and a lot of people often neglect this. Inadequate care of lenses can lead to fatal eye infections like keratitis. While handling lens make sure your hands are clean, they are not worn while sleeping or any water related activity, contact lens solutions are not mixed and that they are replaced every few months as per requirement. It is also important to ensure that the case in which the lens are kept are extremely clean and hygienic. Apart from this regular eye checkup should be done and all the care mentioned by your doctor should be strictly followed.

  • Shed that tear!

By tear, this means an artificial tear or an eye drop. The lens is properly placed on the thin tear film that helps in covering the cornea. If this is not done properly then it may cause dry eye and lubricating the area will in easing the discomfort. However not all lenses are compatible with eye drops and a doctor should be recommended before anything artificial tear is used.

  • Get to the bottom of the problem

If a problem is persistent then it is highly recommended to visit a good doctor and get to the bottom of the problem and get the required treatment done. The smallest of discomfort might be because of something serious and eyesight is not something that should be taken lightly.

As they say prevention is better than cure and sometimes a little bit goes a long way!