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Some Basic Make-up Tips for Beginners

Whether it is your friend’s birthday party or just an afternoon date, make up is an essential part of your look. A poorly applied makeup can make you look like a total mismatch while a proper made up face can transform you into an elegant and beautiful creature. Be it a beginner or pro, everyone needs tips to get that perfect and glamorous make up look. But it is very essential to know some basic tips about makeup in case you are a novice in this field. Hence, let’s take a look at some basic Make-up Tips for Beginners:


Judge your complexion:

Before applying any kind of foundation or powder always check your complexion specially the shade of your skin. This tip will help you to select the right makeup and moisturizer best suited for your skin type. Look for a foundation, which is either the exact duplicate of your skin tone or something a little lighter. Plus, when applying the foundation experiment with a foundation brush and your fingers to get that even skin tone.

Liquid or Powder:

We, ladies tend to get confused between liquid and powder, when beginning with makeup. But to be precise, there is hardly any difference between the two. While powder will give you an oil free look, you might just like the control you will get with liquid or cream. It is all but your own preference.

Blush, Mascara and Eyeliner choices:

One of the basic makeup tips for newbies is to never go overboard with the blusher. Try and accentuate your cheek bones in case you want them to be highlighted in a proper manner. Also tone your eyelids with a little bit of eye shadow to get a smooth and clean look. While buying mascara and eyeliner, go for something that will easily glide on your lashes and eyes without making them look very heavy and daunting. If your eyelashes are bigger then just highlight them a little. But if you have small eyelashes, then lengthen them with any long lasting mascara(Olymstore Waterproof New Dense Instantly Long Lasting Waterproof Mascara + Eyeliner / Eyebrow Pen Set). When it comes to the eyeliner, always try the style that makes your beautiful eyes pop out.

Lipstick and gloss:

Choosing between lipstick and gloss can be very confusing for any beginner, but experts say that anything that brings out your lips and highlights their fullness should always be preferred.

Last but not the least, always try to apply makeup according to the occasion and time of the day. A daytime make up routine should always have a nude and bare look, especially highlighting your striking features. Night look should always be bright and colorful. So, ladies follow the above some basic Make-up Tips for Beginners and let your beauty radiate to the world.

Author’s Bio: Sonam is a beauty blogger who owns www.beautytipsandideas.com. She loves sharing makeup and beauty tips with fellow women readers on the web. She has been a content writer for several years and now writes for various other niches as well.