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The Backbend Yoga Pose You Should Try Today

The best uplifting yoga pose you should try is backbend, which is exciting and opens the front body and respiratory system, leaving you with best feeling ever.

The backbend yoga pose gives you a sensational feeling of the curve through the whole spine.

Remember that each part of the spine has not the same amount of extension available. The neck and lumbar spine are naturally able to backbend more than the middle to upper back. For all of us, there will be always very mobile and very immobile segments along the spine.

To experience this backbend yoga pose, first make sure your form is spot on. Your pelvis needs to move forward and your hip flexors need to lengthen. Imagine your pelvis as a sink of water and you want to take the water out of the back of the pelvis. Maintain this yoga position as relieve when you are leading to your backbend.

Backbends are strong poses, so move through at least two rounds of sun salutations to prepare and warm your body before you are making this.


How to Make Camel Pose-Ustrasana

  1. Bend your knees, sitting up straight, and then put your hands on your hips, with fingers at the front and thumbs at the back.
  2. Inhale to broaden the chest. Lift the breastbone up and back a little more, keeping the pelvis moving forwards and the thigh bones backwards. Then, stay and breathe deeply before to return back to kneeling position. When coming out of this pose, remember not to twist your hips.
  3. Repeat the same, but this time place 2 yoga blocks on your lower legs behind you.
  4. Repeat again, but this time put your hands back on the blocks, and fountain the front of the spine up, moving the pelvis forwards.
  5. In the end, repeat all above. This time, you could remove the blocks and put your hands on your heels, sending your heart upwards and keeping your throat long.