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Baby Shop Bounty – A Guide to the Essentials of First-Time Parenting

So, you’ve got a bundle of joy on the way. Congratulations! It’s an exciting, and scary, time for all. There’s so much to do and prepare for that it can all feel a little overwhelming at times. But don’t fear! People have been having babies for thousands of years and the fact that humans still exist means that we’re doing something right. Yet a few tips and hints won’t go astray, will they? So, let’s take a look at the essentials of first time parenting to give you some peace of mind.

There’s Certain Things That You’ll Need

While baby clothes and toys often come out of the woodwork from friends and family when you’re expecting, you’re still going to have to buy a few things from the baby shop. Nappies are a non-negotiable, whether you go disposable or reusable. Either way your baby will pee and poop. Another is a pram and a car capsule. Unless you want to stay home all the time you and the bub are going to need to get around. It’s a good idea to begin saving some money when you get the news that you’re pregnant so it isn’t a huge financial hit all at once just before you pop.

Start Cooking Now

For the first few months you’re going to have your hands full and it will all be brand new. You and your child are discovering everything about parenting for the first time and we’d be surprised if you had the time to meal plan, prepare and cook full and healthy meals. It’s a great idea to begin bulk cooking and freezing easy to reheat meals like pasta sauces and curries before you give birth so it’s one less thing that you have to worry about.

Toys and Soothers

While we mentioned earlier that friends and family will gift you toys it’s nice to treat your bub to a few new toys as well. You want to choose toys that will stimulate them and present a mild challenge. Here’s a helpful list. Also, once teething starts (and it will happen before you know it) you’re going to want some soothers that you can pop in the fridge or freezer and let your baby chew on. The cold is great for soothing those painful teeth coming through and while your baby may not be able to say thank you trust us when we say they’ll be grateful.

The Nursery

You want to have your child’s room all ready for them to enjoy. You may decide to give the spare room a fresh lick of paint and decorate it. There’s heaps of options. A popular choice is decorative wall decals. These give the nursery some character and will give your baby something to look at as they begin to be able to discern colours and shapes. Go easy though, you don’t want them overstimulated while they’re trying to nap.

Treasure These Moments

Before you know it your little one will be walking and talking, so really take the time to enjoy the first year. Bond with them as much as you can and remember it’s not all about the material stuff.

To Conclude

You’ll need to bite the bullet and take a trip to the baby shop for a few essentials, even if you get gifted clothes and toys. Prepare some bulk meals to save yourself the headache in the first few months, and invest in some soothers for when teething begins. Prepare the nursery for your little one to have a space to call their own and make sure to treasure every moment. They’ll be moody teenagers before you know it!