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What Do Baby Hiccups Feel Like? The Facts You Need to Know

During pregnancy, you’ll experience a lot of things. Not only will you crave for the oddest of foods, but you’ll also feel the most beautiful things with your baby as well. However, there are some uncomfortable feelings, such as your baby hiccuping! Yes, he can hiccup while inside the womb, just like how they begin to kick or move around. While it’s no cause for alarm, you may be wondering “what do baby hiccups feel like?”

Read on as I explain what you need to know about baby hiccups and how they feel like while carrying your child.

What Do Baby Hiccups Feel Like?

Similar to how we adults hiccup, babies have muscle spasms that make them jerk a bit even when it is in your womb!

Here’s a video to see what a baby hiccup looks like:

The baby hiccups are similar to how you feel when he starts to kick and move around. It’s like a rhythmic twitching or jumpy motions. You might feel it in various parts of your stomach.

These would usually begin during the sixth month of pregnancy, with mothers feeling it a few times a day. But that depends on a lot of things, such as the overall health of the baby or weight of his mother. You can stop it from shifting your position.

Some expectant mothers feel their baby hiccup, while others don’t at all.

Why Does Your Baby Hiccup Inside the Womb?

There is no exact cause as to why your baby hiccups in the womb. While some babies have them, others don’t at all.

Some say that baby hiccups might be lung maturation. Or, it can be a normal spasm in its diaphragm. Either way, it’s a sign that your baby is slowly growing and getting ready for the real world!

Is There A Cause for Alarm?

Just like us adults who hiccup, there is no reason for alarm. Usually, it’s just a normal reflex. All you need to do is relax and let it be, just like how you would let your baby kick in the womb.

There are only rare circumstances that it would be a cord problem. If your baby hiccups more than four to five times each day after your seventh month of pregnancy, then you may want to see your doctor. It could be a sign of fetal hyperactivity, or when your baby has a compressed umbilical cord.

While baby hiccups aren’t unusual, you shouldn’t experience it every day after your eighth month of pregnancy.  If you feel like the pattern of your baby’s hiccups, have increased or changed, or if it gets stronger, then you may contact a doctor.

Also, if your baby hiccups every day for over ten minutes (or over three hiccups a day) after your eighth month, then consult a doctor just in case. He will use the ultrasound and see if there is a problem with your baby’s position or breathing.

Otherwise, there’s nothing to worry about your baby hiccuping in the womb.

In Conclusion

When your baby begins to grow inside your womb, so does his organs and thinking. He learns how to breathe and move on his own. Because of that, he may begin hiccuping while in your womb as well, just like any normal human being would!

I hope that this article answers your question, “What do baby hiccups feel like?” Now you know that you won’t need to worry and that it may happen every day throughout any woman’s pregnancy.

If you enjoyed the article or have questions about baby hiccups, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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