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Baby Fox That Was Abandoned Becomes Inseparable Buddies With A Labrador

The family members of Gemma Holdway were quite surprised when they found newborn foxes lying in the haystack on their family farm. The family became concerned about the fox pups when the mother did not return. The cubs were at imminent risk without a mother to protect and provide for them. The Holdways decided to take them in for the time being.

The primary objective was to let the cubs venture into the wilderness as they became sufficiently big to look after themselves. The Holdways found themselves in a different position after a while with one cub.

The vixen, or a female fox, imprinted on Gemma’s boyfriend and her. It was so strong that the tiny cub was absolutely dependent on the two. So, the two decided to hand-rear the cute little fur ball themselves.

A lot of animals form critical attachments when they imprint. This young vixen ended up imprinting on humans. This in turn also put her at risk if she ventured out into the wilderness. The other foxes would attack her if they smelled humans on her fur.

The vixen’s mother, Gemma, is a student of Animal Science and Management. So it is a no-brainer that she would be a capable person to raise a fox cub. She feeds the fox, bathes her, and also takes her on walks. The vixen has been affectionately named Vixey.

Vixey is never alone at the house because she has four dog siblings. Labrador Luna, Jack Russells Nidge, Raisin and lastly, Polar Bear. As Gemma says, Vixey has certainly become a dog in her heart and she is a proud member of their pack.

Vixey particularly loved Labrador Luna from the very beginning. Luna, however, took some time getting used to Vixey but now they’re best friends.

The two are definitely reminiscent of the story of Hound and the Fox.

The Disney film from 1981 depicted a farmer called Widow Tweed who adopts a fox. She named him Tod owing to his toddler-ish adorableness. Copper is a hound pup of her neighbor. Copper and Tod meet and decide to stay as ‘friends forever’. Now it certainly seems like Luna and Vixey have the same promise.

The Holdways acknowledge and respect the fact Vixey is a wild animal nonetheless. So, she can freely roam their farmland. The Holdways have acres of property on which Vixey can roam about to her heart’s content. Vixey goes out to explore every day and comes back home right before darkness. The family has the land fox-proofed so that Vixey does not escape and put herself in harm’s way. It also keeps out other predators.

Vixey greets the family members at the door every time just like the dogs. But she becomes shy around strangers. She runs away and hides before she begins to trust anyone.

When Gemma’s father discovered the cubs inside the barn, they inspected the surveillance footage to see if the mother came back. But unfortunately, she did not. The farm is in proximity to a fairly busy road, hence, it is possible that the mother was run over.

The family really loves Vixey, but they do not recommend others to keep foxes as domestic pets. The generic domestic environment is not appropriate for them and they require a lot of attention. It is because of how unique Vixey’s circumstances were and also how quickly she imprinted onto the family that made it possible for her to stay with them.

Everyone who gets to meet Vixey sees her as the happy vixen that she is. She loves the family she stays with, dogs and humans alike.

Raisin, the Jack Russell dog is the leader of the pack and has practically become the mother of Vixey.

Wasn’t this story cute? What would you have done?