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Why Babies Cry and How to Calm Them Down

All babies cry. Even when he’s healthy, your newborn baby will spend 1-3 hours a day crying. Babies aren’t capable of doing anything and that’s why you need to make sure they’re comfortable and have everything they need. Crying is the only way babies can communicate with you and tell you they need something.

Here are the reasons why your baby might be crying:


He’s hungry

Hunger is the main reason why babies cry. If 3-4 has passed after his meal, then he’s crying because he’s hungry. Your baby will calm down after having his milk.

He’s not comfortable

babies are very sensitive if their clothes is too tight or their diaper is wet. Some babies can’t stand wet diapers, especially when their skin is irritated. Check his diapers frequently and don’t leave a wet diaper on for too long.

He wants to be held

If you’ve already fed him, changed his diapers and he’s still crying, then he probably wants to be close to you and wants to be held. Babies need physical contacts, they make them feel safe and comfortable.

He’s tired

Babies become really sensitive when they’re tired. Create a routine for your baby-newborn babies should sleep every 4 hours. If 4 hours have passed after his last nap, then take your baby to a quiet room where he can sleep. He might start crying if he doesn’t get his nap.

He has Colic

If your baby is constantly crying, more than 3 hours a day then he might have colic. Colic symptoms are uncontrollable crying, your baby having red face and bending his legs towards his stomach. There’s no magical cure for colic, but it doesn’t last more than 3 months. Struggling with colic can be really irritating. Calm down, this stressful period will pass!