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Axe Throwing Leagues Have Your Adult Birthday Party Covered

You already know that it doesn’t matter how old you’re going to turn; you still want your birthday party to be a blast. You can have a unique time celebrating without the stress of hosting, cleaning and catering your get-together by turning your celebration into an axe throwingparty.

More and more people are booking alternative sports events for their birthdays, bachelorettes and corporate events, and axe throwing in Ottawa has become a bullseye for a great night out. Plus, you won’t have to worry about entertaining friends who don’t know each other when the focus is on an activity or a game. It’s a great way to get people from different social groups chatting and casually hanging out.

When you’re planning your get-together the key is to keep things as low stress as possible for everyone, whether you’re planning for yourself, your partner or your best friend. Stagandhenweekend.co.uk wrote an article about how over-planned or themed parties can distract from the most important part: having a good time no matter how many years you have under your belt. No one will have a hard time pulling a flannel shirt out of the closet or finding a pair of sneakers, meaning you don’t need to worry about guests who won’t want to dress up for themed events. Getting together to toss around some hatchets allows everyone to kick back and let loose, but before you start imagining how you’re going to set up targets in your own backyard you might want to consider booking an indoor facility. They’ll teach you how to throw and all of the rules, which are really quite simple. In face-off matches, each participant gets five throws to score in the bullseye or two outer rings, while on the fifth throw you can aim for a wildcard clutch at the top corners of the target. The rest is in the follow through and maybe some friendly trash talk thrown your opponent’s way.


If you want to plan an axe throwing party at BATL Ottawa, make sure you reserve well in advance. Weekend bookings are quick to disappear thanks to the rising popularity of the sport. People have discovered that it’s a great way to celebrate a bachelor or bachelorette, a birthday, or throw a staff appreciation party. Venues like BATL allow you to bring your own food, too, so whether it’s a spread of hors d’oeuvres or pizza and cake, you’ve got all of your bases covered, and some die hard fans even bake cakes in the shape of axes or targets.

When you were a kid you never had to worry about cleaning up after your bash and rentinga venue will save you a lot of stress today. Instead of going to the same restaurant or wine bar you went to last year, a birthday party with BATL will keep your night out original.Growing up doesn’t mean you can’t still go wild on your birthday, you may just have to get adventurous when you’re brainstorming ideas.