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This Average Guy Has Slept With More Celebrities Than Anyone Else

Meet the average guy who has slept with more celebrities than anyone else in the world.

His name is Rob, and not only he has “met” hundreds of celebrities, he also slept with them, too — literally.

See for yourself below.

Sad Taylor Swift Waiting For Rob To Wake Up

With Obama And His Squad On The Subway Back Home

Eminem Being A Big Brother

Annoyed David Beckham Taking Care Of A Passed Out Rob

Ryan Reynolds Posing For A Memorable Picture

Mila Kunis Being Savage, We All Know A Person Like This

Kanye, North And Rob: Nappers In Paris (single Coming Soon)

Margot Robbie, Puppies And A Sleepy Idiot

Belgian Red Devils Squad Pranking The Ball Boy

Selena Gomez Isn’t Really Into Sleepy Guys