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Authentic Amish Creations: Transform Your Outdoor Space with Handmade Porch Swings

Porch swings and beds of all kinds offer cozy nooks to relax and make memories with your loved ones. And when crafted by Amish artisans, they offer unparalleled quality as well. According to Darlene McDonald, General Manager of The Porch Swing Company, their Amish porch swings are in high demand for this reason.

“There’s something unique about sitting on an authentic Amish porch swing,” she says. “I love running my hands over the smooth wood and thinking about the skilled hands that made the piece. The design is sturdy and durable — you feel like you are being held and supported by something strong and bigger than yourself. These porch swings transport you to a simpler time; they invite you to sit back and just be present. It’s an immersive journey.”

The process of making an Amish porch swing

“A lot of work goes into making a porch swing by hand,” McDonald explains. “The first step is selecting the wood, which must be of the highest quality and is often sourced locally. The Amish artisans then cut, shape, and join the wood using traditional techniques that they have passed down in their families for generations.”

As McDonald explains, the Amish are particularly known for their meticulous attention to detail and exacting standards. “They have a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, and that shows in the execution of every piece of furniture,” McDonald says. “They also have an artistic sensibility. They don’t just make a functional porch swing — they’re making a masterpiece that will adorn someone’s home.”

Toward that end, McDonald notes how Amish artisans carefully sand and smooth the wood until achieving a silky, flawless finish. The seat, backrest, arms, and hanging hardware are assembled, fitting together seamlessly. Finally, they stain the wood, which not only protects it from the elements, but also burnishes its beauty.

Depending on the design, size, and specific techniques required, making an Amish porch swing can take several hours to a couple of days. “The Amish embody hard work, community, and tradition,” McDonald says. “These qualities radiate from each piece of furniture they create.”

Unparalleled Amish porch swings and beds

The Centerville Amish Rollback Porch Swing is one of The Porch Swing Company’s bestsellers due to its classic design and durability. According to McDonald, it’s also popular because it offers added support for the back and knees. “That ensures a comfortable, relaxing experience,” she says.

The company also offers many other Amish-made porch swings, rockers, gliders, and pieces of outdoor furniture. In particular, McDonald points out that Breezy Acres Amish swing beds not only deliver traditional craftsmanship, but also modern design that’s friendly on the budget.

“If you like more modern design, then Breezy Acres’ porch swings and beds might be the right fit for you,” McDonald says. “Another great thing about this maker is that their pieces also tend to be cost-effective.”

Breezy Acres uses yellow pine, which means they can produce the hottest trends in the market at a mere fraction of the cost. “They innovate constantly, introducing new designs every year,” McDonald adds, “meaning that, no matter what your personal style might be, they will likely have a porch swing or bed that matches it.”

According to McDonald, Breezy Acres’ team includes both sons and fathers from multiple generations. “It’s a multigenerational collaboration,” she explains. “They all work together, combining a deep wealth of experience and knowledge with new ideas and fresh passion.” The company’s focus on family leads to high-quality swing beds as well as excellent customer service.

A decades-long personal relationship

The Porch Swing Company is proud of its close personal relationships with these talented Amish artisans in Pennsylvania. “While we do business with our Amish partners, our bond is rooted in friendship,” McDonald says.

The Porch Swing Company has built these connections with Amish communities over decades. “They’re an extension of our team,” McDonald explains. “We collaborate on all kinds of things — from product development to warehouse operations and marketing — every single day. We don’t just source Amish furniture. We are the craftsmen’s conduit to the rest of the world. We help their businesses thrive while protecting their ideals and sacred way of life.”

Since the Amish don’t have access to computers and other technology, The Porch Swing Company provides much of this infrastructure to help them run their businesses, even printing shipping labels for them remotely.

More than just a piece of furniture

“Sometimes, it’s difficult to articulate the significance of Amish-built furniture,” McDonald says. “The artisans build them with such love and attention to detail that they’re designed to become family heirlooms.”

An Amish-crafted porch swing, rocker, or glider is more than just a piece of furniture — it’s the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Its peerless carpentry connects you to a rich past, its durability bridges you with future generations, and its comfortable design makes you present with those you love.