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Athleisure: Here’s What To Know About It

It once was a controversial topic, but wearing leggings is no longer a sin. Today, it is part of the trend athleisure, which combines comfort, athletic gear, and leisure wear. When walking down the street in any big city, it is not unlikely that many women will walk around in sweatshirts and sneakers. Here’s why it has become popular and how to follow the trend.

Riding Clothing Is Back In Style

While breeches are a staple for horseback riding, they are also getting more popular among women who don’t participate in the sport. Breeches are designed for full comfort and can even fit a phone in the pockets which is why they are great for everyday life. We have seen fashion brands like Hermès designing gear for riding back in the 1800s, and today they have taken on the equestrian trend in the design of their clothes.

Clothes for horseback riding have always been stylish. Bodysuits, a pair of breeches with a pair of knee-high boots is a perfect outfit for strutting around town, as it is reminiscent of a top, jeans, and boots.

Why Is Athleisure Popular?

Many people are living a more active lifestyle. Whether it is running, weight-lifting, or hiking, many people want comfortable clothing that they can move around in. Instead of changing clothes, athleisure can be a way of wearing stylish clothes. The athleisurewear can be worn when going to the gym as well as going grocery shopping. Many sports brands are selling athleisure wear instead of just sportswear, as the sports apparel market was worth $105.1 billion three years ago.

Making Sweatpants Trendy

If one took a look at the wardrobe of several women, there would most likely be at least one pair of sweatpants. But instead of hiding the sweatpants at home, they are now the symbol of being chic and active at the same time. Sweatpants have been popular for a long time, as hip-hop put baggy clothes such as sweatpants and hoodies on a pedestal.

If you wish to style sweatpants, the number one tip is to choose a neutral color such as grey or black. This broadens the opportunities. You can choose a grey sweater to complete the full set or wear it with a simple T-shirt and a coat. The key is to think of sweatpants as jeans.

Sneakers Instead of Stilettos

When it comes to footwear, athleisure is all about ditching the uncomfortable by wearing sneakers. Sneakers give the right support, which is crucial when living in a walkable city. The late Princess Diana was known for wearing sneakers when running errands. This shows that anyone can wear sneakers, as there are many different types of pairs in different colors and styles.

A Perfect Athleisure Outfit

To master the trend, there are three key elements:

  1. Picking neutral colors
  2. Choosing the right silhouette
  3. Layering

It is a good idea to pair an oversized pair of sweatpants with a bodysuit to get a good silhouette. Layering is also a great tip. A great trenchcoat can save any outfit and layering a sports top underneath a trendy jacket will quickly elevate the outfit.