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Are Your Makeup Products Hazardous

Answer this question: How long do you use the same mascara? If you think that you’ve managed to save some money using the same mascara since 2012, you’re thinking wrong. Mascara and other makeup products can be dangerous for your health.

Are-Your-Makeup-Products-Hazardous-1The European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases has done any researches on this subjects and they claim that the problem is not in the makeup products but the way we use them.

Here’s the thing: Imagine using the same towel for weeks. Now imagine using the same blush brush for 2 years. Both situations are the same! Your brushes are full with bacteria and if you don’t clean them, you’ll be transferring those bacteria on your face over and over again.

Your mascara is also a source of many microorganisms. Don’t share your mascara with another person and don’t use the same mascara more than 6 months. Old mascaras are full with bacteria that can cause eye infections and conjunctivitis.

Powder and lush brushes are also the perfect breeding ground for infectious bacteria. To keep bacteria off you face, we strongly advise you to thoroughly clean your brushes. Clean your brushes twice a week using a special makeup cleaner, baby shampoo or hot water. After cleaning them, leave them to dry on room temperature.

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Don’t forget that makeup products have expiration dates. Always check that date when buying a new product and if something looks suspicious don’t buy it.

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