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Are Eyebrow Tattoos & Microblading Permanent?

From skincare to makeup, consumers are increasingly investing in products that enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence. The world of cosmetics is experiencing a remarkable surge, with market projections indicating a significant rise from US$ 398.42 billion in 2020 to an astonishing US$ 665.18 billion by 2030. 

Imagine waking up in the morning and not having to put on any makeup to enhance your facial attributes! Would you not like that? If you want to wake up looking like you have perfectly applied eyeliner, eyebrows, or lipstick, each day, you can always resort to having permanent makeup done.

Permanent makeup is a micro pigmentation technique. Processes like eyebrow tattooing and microblading have gathered a lot of traction in the past few years, for their safety and quality. 

But, the biggest question that has been hounding these procedures is that are these techniques actually permanent solutions or do they fade away with time. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the world of eyebrow enhancements, debunk the myths surrounding permanency, delve into the intricacies of eyebrow tattoos and microblading, and shed light on the available removal procedures.

The Permanency Dilemma

The term “permanent”, when used in conjunction with permanent makeup, can be misleading. Most permanent cosmetic enhancements offer long-lasting results rather than indefinite permanence. 

For example, the longevity of microblading is roughly around 2-3 years, even though it falls under the category of permanent makeup.  Microblading removal might be necessary in some cases, where the texture has faded away with time.

Similarly, while some may enjoy their enhanced eyebrow tattoos for several years without significant changes, others may experience fading or changes in color and shape over time. 

Some of the procedures that get employed for permanent makeup do not reach the deeper layers of the skin, and microblading is one of them. These enhancements need touch-ups and refinement every 12-15 months. 

Therefore, it is crucial to approach permanent makeup with realistic expectations and a willingness to maintain or make adjustments as necessary.

Eyebrow Tattoo: An Enduring Solution

Eyebrow tattoos, unlike other tattoos that often serve as a means of personal expression, belong to the realm of cosmetic tattoos. They serve as a valuable option, if you are seeking to enhance the appearance of your eyebrows, whether you want a more defined and appealing look or to address the challenges of hair loss in that area.

Advanced tools and techniques in recent times have made brow tattoos look incredibly lifelike. The procedure aims to create the illusion of an eyebrow, with near-realistic texture, fullness, and shape.

While eyebrow tattoos are intended to be long-lasting, periodic touch-ups might be necessary to preserve the vitality and sharpness of the color. These tattoos are susceptible to the passage of time and external factors. 

Microblading: The Art of Semi Permanence

Embraced by the likes of Bella Thorne and Madonna, microblading is an eyebrow enhancement technique that is getting popular with each passing day. 

Fine hair strokes are made using a specialized handheld tool with micro-needles. The process involves depositing pigments into the upper layers of the skin, by hand, resulting in natural-looking and realistic eyebrow strokes. Moreover, this process gives more control to the technician, as compared to a tattoo artist using a machine. 

The average shelf-life of these soft arches is around 2-3 years. The specialized pigments used diminish with time, allowing the brows to age in a gradual manner. This approach provides a more natural look that can be maintained over time.

Embarking on the Journey of Tattoo Removal

Although permanent makeup procedures are intended to provide long-lasting results, there are instances where you might seek a change or correction. 

There are a number of removal options that exist if you no longer wish to maintain your eyebrow tattoos or microblading.

Laser tattoo removal stands out as a widely utilized method for microblading removal and getting rid of permanent eyebrow tattoos. This technique employs laser technology to break down the tattoo pigments, allowing the body’s immune system to gradually eliminate them. According to NAAMA Studios, advanced laser tattoo removal techniques result in lesser downtime between treatments. 

The overall number of laser sessions required varies based on factors such as tattoo size, color, and depth. It’s important to note that complete removal of eyebrow tattoos or microblading may not always be attainable, and multiple sessions might be necessary to fade or lighten the pigments.

Another alternative for reduction is the saline removal technique. This non-laser approach involves the injection of a specialized saline solution over the ink pigments. 

The saline solution induces the formation of a controlled scab, which, upon healing, lifts the pigments from the skin. Similar to laser removal, multiple sessions might be required to achieve the desired outcome in this process too.

You should always consult a professional specializing in tattoo removal to determine the most suitable removal method for your specific circumstances. They will assess your unique situation, discuss potential outcomes, and guide you through the removal process, ensuring the best possible results.


There are a plethora of cosmetic processes that have the power to uplift your beauty standards and help you stand out. And, as a matter of fact, these techniques would only get better with time. But, even the most advanced ones will come with an expiry date. 

So, have realistic expectations from these treatments. Moreover, stay abreast with the details of the procedures you opt for, and have all your queries answered before the start of the process. 

Be aware and do not get carried away!