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How to Apply Mascara like a Pro

The best way to draw attention to your eyes and to look more seductive is by adding mascara. Mascara can work wonders for you. It makes your lashes darker, it can make them more voluminous and longer and it will definitely make your eyes pop. Some think that applying mascara is easy, but the truth is, it can get a little tricky and you might end up with clumps in your lashes. That’s why you need to learn to apply your mascara like a professional and we are going to help you. There are some tricks that can make your lashes look amazing.


Here’s how you can apply your mascara as a professional:

1. Find the right mascara for you. With many types of mascaras on the market, it will be tough to choose the best one. If you want your lashes to be longer, choose mascara with lengthening formula. If you want more volume, choose volumizing mascara. If you want you mascara to last throughout the day, then you should definitely use waterproof mascara. When it comes to color, black mascara is the best. Black mascara will make your lashes look full and thick.

2. Don’t pump the mascara wand in and out of the bottle because that way air will get into the tube and it will make the mascara dry. Use circular motions to pick up the amount of mascara you need.

3. Use a curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara. Using slight pressure, curl your lashes. You’ll notice the difference immediately.

4. Scrap off any excess mascara of the wand before applying. This way you’ll avoid your lashes looking clumpy.

5. Start applying mascara on your top lashes. Place the mascara wand on the base of your lashes and move the wand up your lashes, sweeping upward, using back and forth motions. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara.

6. To apply mascara on your bottom lashes, the best way is to tilt your head back. Use the same motions and gently apply the mascara.

7. If you really want your eyelashes to look eve thicker, apply black eyeliner to the upper waterline, nearest to the roots of the lashes.

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