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An Animal Shelter From Indiana Shares the Most Beautiful Photos Ever

The “Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control” from Indiana has so much to celebrate. For the first time ever, the kennels at the shelter were completely empty. As for the animals who were waiting there, they’ve all found a home and these beautiful pictures are the proof of that.


The animal shelter hosted a Black Friday special and they reduced the adoption fee from 100$ to 10$, hoping that this way they’ll help the animals find a loving home. Hundreds of people attended the event, eager to find their new furry friend.


“It brought out people in droves. I have been here eight years and this is the first time in my memory we have not had any available, adoptable dogs,” explained shelter worker Jodi Hamilton.


Dogs weren’t the only lucky ones that got all adopted that day. All the cats from the shelter got adopted too.



More than 30 pets have found a loving family and a new home. We should all celebrate this amazing thing!