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Amra & Elma: Special Interview With Two Fashionistas Who Took A Part Of NYFW

Amra and Elma Beganovich are two sisters and digital influencers with a following of 840,000+ on social media. They are the founders of amraandelma.com, their personal lifestyle blog, and clubfashionista.com, an invite-only blogging platform dedicated to high quality content. They are based in Manhattan, and having just wrapped-up with New York Fashion Week, we wanted to get their take the latest in fashion.


Here is what they had to say:

Women Daily Magazine: What were some of your favorite shows and events you attended during NYFW?

Amra & Elma: We were so thrilled to take part of New York Fashion Week as it was our first. It was incredible to see so talented creative fly in from all over the world to attend these amazing series of events. Some of our personal favorite shows were Desigual, Lauren DeWitt, and La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni, and then the private parties, like Haney for Net-a-Porter at Elizabeth Taylor’s former home and an NFL celebrity brunch, were loads of fun.


Women Daily Magazine: Any behind the scenes or backstage happenings that you saw and that surprised you?

Amra & Elma: It was incredible to see how professional all of the models, designers and other fashion and beauty creatives were. You could feel the passion through the designs and the wardrobe, but then could also sense everyone’s professional dedication to the industry. I suppose there was not as much (or any) drama involved as television often portrays it, the individuals who we met during NYFW were incredibly hard-working, dedicated and passionate about fashion. And yes, as a side note, models have a hard time (like all of us) walking down the catwalk in 6 inch stilettos, there were quite a few slips, but they recovered quickly and managed to walk off the runway cool, calm and fashionable.


Women Daily Magazine: What are your predictions for fall trends?

Amra & Elma: There was a variety of styles that reflected the diverse crowds during NYFW. We did notice that trends generally range from minimalist-chic to colorful 1970s hippie. With that said, we would always suggest to balance your outfit with neutral colors like black, white, camel and gray. These neutral colors seem to be timeless and are very figure flattering.


Women Daily Magazine: What are some fall essentials or must-have pieces for one’s wardrobe?

Amra & Elma: Some fall essentials that we recommend are a comfy camel trench with a wide brimmed hat, these two classics are easy to match with just about any wardrobe choices.


Women Daily Magazine: Tell us a little bit about some of these photos, where were they taken and any behind the scenes moments you wanted to share?

Amra & Elma: Below, we have included some of our favorites from the first day of NYFW to the last day of NYFW. On the first day, the weather was not so kind to us—it started pouring as we were catching a cab to Moynihan Station, where most of the large fashion shows took place this year. These first photos were taken on and around Park Avenue, and one was captured at the Desigual show, where we spotted our all-time favorite fashion icon, Iris Apfel—she is 94 and still the belle of the ball! Some of the others were captured in the Meat Packing District, as you can see from its signature red and navy brick walls and its maroon umbrellas.


Women Daily Magazine: Any last words for our readers, advice on how to keep stylish without becoming a fashion victim?

Amra & Elma: We think that you can steer clear of becoming a fashion victim by staying true to yourself and knowing who you are. After all, your style is a reflection of your personality. We would recommend looking at some of your fashion icons and seeing how they combine their wardrobe to get the “wow” look. That would have to be it in a nutshell—so until we see you again, from New York with love!