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Amazing Ways to Track Your Travels

During our journey, we come across a number of things that we cannot bring back home but there are number of ways in which we can save a memory of them. You may either capture them in your camera or note about them in you travel diaries. Whatever medium you choose, going back to them after a couple of years can evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Keeping a track of your travels is always good. Not only it keeps your memories fresh but also encourages you to travel more and explore what the world possess. This article will guide you upon how to track your travels in effective ways to always keep your memories awaken.

  1. Travel journals

Using travel journals is probably the most common way pursued by most of the travelers. Writing is an art which can be availed to store down all the memories you acquire during your visit to a new place. We come across different societies and lifestyles, and noting about their details in a journal not only keeps our memories alive but also helps us evolve into a better person. Having your own travel diary is essential if you are a frequent traveler. You can even use travel diaries to plan and organize your trip in a better manner.

  1. Coffee table book

Collecting photos during travel is another amazing way to keep track of your explorations and experiences. Capture all of your photographs and put it into a coffee table book. Reviewing them will take you back to places you visited.

This product comes in different options. There are a lot of companies printing these books. You can go for either one to make sure your memories do not run away.

  1. World map tattoo

This is a very interesting and a unique way to trace your travels but is only recommendable for frequent travelers. Inking your body is an amazing way if you truly believe in travel. You can outline the world completely on your body and fill in each country as you visit them. This will bring in remembrances as soon you will enter for a shower.

  1. Scratch maps and scratch globes

Scratch maps are huge wall maps that are covered with a huge layer of foil which can be scratched off to reveal the lower layer highlighting color and geographical detail. These maps are amazing mediums to keep track of where you have traveled. You can keep record of all these experiences. All you have to do is scratch off map to keep a note of places you have visited. It even entices you to travel more and more. Nevertheless, teachers use these maps as a good learning aid for children who face difficulties in the subject of geography. It is a fun way to learn something as dry as geography.

Similarly like scratch maps, there is a 3-dimensional version of it available in the market called scratch globe. It works similarly like scratch map, the only difference is that it is a globe and not a map.

  1. DIY photo collage map

It is nice to have a collection of photos in your phone and upload it on social media to save them permanently but there is always something new and magical about printed photographs. The magical turns even better if these printed photos can be create into a collage map. You can use these photographs to create a map out of them which will help you keep a track of the places visited. Just buy an original map and cut your photos in shape and paste on the map accordingly.

  1. Foreign currency

Some people have the habit to collect currencies all over the world. This is something really simple which doesn’t require any efforts. Whenever you travel, make sure not to spend all the money you have and keep some coins and paper money in your wallet when heading towards home. To make your collection better, display all the currencies in a creative and an innovative manner. Your display of currencies will connect you to your actual travels whenever you review them.

  1. Write a blog

This is probably a more advanced way to keep a track of your travels. Sharing your stories to the world encourages you and others to go and explore. Start your blog as a personal journal and as you progress, it may even turn into a community where everyone shares their travel experiences.


This is not an exhaustive list. Your creative mind can come up with thousand different ideas of recording your travels. The real point of concern here is that recording your journeys. Capturing them in some form will help you years down the line. So either come up with new ideas or follow the ones listed above and get the job done.