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A Few Advices for Winter Hair Care

Winter is really bad for your hair, it makes it dry and damaged. You hair needs extra care during the cold days. Extra care is crucial if you want to have healthy and long hair.

Your hair is exposed to cold weather outside, and heat and dry air in warm rooms and you’re going to have to cut your hair because it will get damaged and dry.


The first thing you need to remember is to never leave the house without a hat, because that’s the best way to protect your hair form the cold weather. Choose a hat made from fine materials, because hard materials scratch the hair cuticles, leaving your hair unprotected.

Choose shampoos and conditioners that are especially for winter because they moisturize your hair and make it more elastic.
Advise your hairdresser to dye your hair less aggressive and even to style it less aggressive, this way you’ll protect your hair during winter.

Never leave the house with wet hair!