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Adorable Stray Kitten Cuddles With Family Dogs And Wants To Be Friends

One man from Denver, Colorado found something adorable in his backyard. A little ginger and white kitten was strolling in his yard. Unfortunately, the man couldn’t keep the cat because he was allergic, but he brought it to his pet groomer, Kenya.

Kenya immediately took action, started searching the neighborhood and contacting shelters to see if anyone was missing a cat. A couple days went by, and no one came to claim the poor kitten. It didn’t have a microchip or collar, so Kenya decided to take the kitten home with her. She didn’t plan to adopt him, she just wanted to keep it with her until someone claimed it. Well, thing didn’t go as planned, because Kenya fell in love with the ginger as soon as she hugged him. She was worried because she had a dog at home and didn’t know how the dog will react. Well, the dog fell even more in love with the kitten and they acted like they were long lost brothers.

The ginger started cuddling his new canine friend and followed him everywhere. They just love to be around each other. Once Kenya saw the bond between the two, she knew she couldn’t bring back the kitten in the shelter again.

Kenya decided to adopt the kitten and even gave him the cutest name: Popsicle. Every time Kenya takes her dog Ed out for a walk, Popsicle wants to join the fun. Kenya now walks both the dog and the cat and she just loves their walks.

“Popsicle is the best friend any cat or dog could ever ask for. He makes friends with every animal he meets and will do anything for a treat. We are lucky to have such a sweet friendship in our home ,” says Kenya.

Take a look at the adorable duo!