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Adorable Ginger Kitten Found Alone in The Woods Gets a New, Loving Family

A family was having their everyday walk in the woods, when they heard a little noise. That noise turned out to be a little ginger kitten, alone without a mother. The little baby instantly stole their hearts and they were on their way home with their newest family member.

“She was just about 3-4 weeks old when we found her abandoned in the woods alone, no water, no food, no sight of her momma or any siblings. So we brought her home, took her to a vet, she turned out to be completely healthy. Then we did the de-worm and all the shots,” explains the family.

They named the adorable little ginger kitten Liza and she has been a wonderful family member since day one. It seems that the family found what they were missing. The baby ginger that was found alone, now has a loving family that truly adores her. Two years later, Liza is all grown up and she has turned into a gorgeous cat.

Everyone deserves a second chance so don’t close your heart to animals in need!