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Add Honey to Your Diet – From Weight Loss to Glowing Skin, Honey is Magic!

Majority of us are aware about the beauty implications of honey as we’ve often seen celebrities and fashion icons speak about how honey has helped them achieve a glowing skin. But did you have any idea about the fact that honey can also be a vital ingredient for promoting weight loss? In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that you could drop down by one dress size when you take honey for 3 weeks before going to bed. Does this sound like a fairy tale for you? If answered yes, you need to get back to reality to know about the health and beauty benefits of honey.

Mike McInnes, the founder of honey diet claimed that the athletes who had foods which are rich in fructose like honey can help you burn fats and also boost your levels of stamina. Honey also plays the role of a catalyst in letting your liver produce glucose which maintains the sugar levels and boosts the release of hormones which are responsible for burning fat.

Honey and fat burning – How it all works

As per McInnes, majority of us are working day and night to shed those extra pounds as we are responsible for taking in too much of processed food and sugar. Doctors and health professionals advise people to take in honey before going to bed as this helps the body in burning more fat during the time when the body is in rest. If you can take a further step of replacing each and every meal where you add sugar with honey, you can bring back the lost balance which forces you to take in consume more and more sweet dishes.

Points to keep in mind to make your honey diet fruitful
  • Cut down sugar totally from your diet

When it is about replacing sugar with honey, this clearly implies that you’ll have to surrender on all sorts of artificial sweeteners. Instead of adding sugar to your tea, cereals and coffee, try adding honey. Also keep a close watch on what you cook so that there too you don’t make the mistake of adding too much sugar.

  • Ditch having junk food

If you still don’t know this, you’re lagging behind. All sorts of processed foods which comprise of empty calories are junk foods. If you earnestly want your honey diet to work, don’t have junk food at all.

  • Take in lots of proteins

Try to consume lean proteins but ensure that you take them with almost every meal that you take as this will help you stay full and avert a rise in blood sugar levels which can lead to different types of cravings.

  • Stay watchful about the fruits you choose

Fruits are certainly one of the most convenient options when you follow a strict diet but remember the fruits which are specifically high in sugar content. If you continue eating them, this will negate the impact of a honey diet.

Surprising benefits of adding honey to your diet
  • Honey has nutrients

As we know that honey is a thick and sweet liquid made by honeybees, they collect the nectar that is rich in sugar from the flowers. Inside their beehive, the bees consume the nectar, digest it and then vomit it and this is called honey. Honey doesn’t contain any fat, fiber or protein and rather it has trace amounts of minerals and vitamins. So, it is rich in nutrients which are good for your health.

  • Honey is still better than sugar for people suffering from diabetes

The proof on diabetes and honey is still not clear. While there are researchers who say that honey has got several benefits for people suffering from diabetes like it lowers LDL cholesterol, inflammation and triglycerides and raises the good cholesterol levels. On the other hand, there are also studies which prove that honey can boost blood sugar levels, though at a lower level than refined sugar.

  • Honey has abundance of antioxidants

If you consume good quality honey like manuka health honey, you can be sure about the fact that they contain the most necessary antioxidants like enzymes, phenols and other compounds like organic acids and flavonoids. Scientists are of the opinion that it is through the combination of such compounds which give the antioxidant power to honey. Antioxidants are also linked to reduce the occurence of strokes, heart attacks and even few kinds of cancer. Antioxidants also promote the health of your eyesight.

  • Honey lowers blood pressure

Blood pressure is yet another risk factor which can cause issues to your heart health and cardiovascular functions. If you bring on the habit of including honey to your diet, you could lower the risk. Honey is replete with antioxidants, as mentioned above and this has been linked to effects like lowering your blood pressure. It has been studied both among humans and rats and both the researches reveal a fall in blood pressure after the consumption of honey.

So, now that you’re aware of the ways in which honey positively affects your health, would you just stick to applying it on your face? Instead of applying it externally, you can reap more benefits by consuming it and letting honey enter your body to show its charisma. Get the best quality honey from a store and start having it to stay fit.