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Actress Melissa Bolona & Her Performance in The Year of Spectacular Men

The newest addition to the Melissa Bolona IMDb filmography is a thriller called The Hurricane Heist.  The film looks like it will be exciting and memorable, but it is hardly the first major film role for Melissa Bolona.  The Year of Spectacular Men remains her star-making vehicle, in the eyes of many fans.

The Year of Spectacular Men: A Character-Driven Ensemble Comedy

With a title like The Year of Spectacular Men, one might expect a formulaic romantic comedy, but the movie is actually so much more.  The romantic endeavors of Izzy, the protagonist, are an important part of the story.  The movie also focuses, however, on Izzy’s relationships with her mother, sister, and female friends.  The movie is as much a celebration of female friendships behind the camera as it is in front of the camera.  Lea Thompson directed the film, and her daughters Madelyn and Zoey play sisters in the movie.  Melissa Bolona plays Izzy’s friend Amethyst Stone, which has to be one of the most fun character names in recent cinematic history.

Melissa Bolona’s Other Projects

Melissa Bolona has played supporting roles in a number of films, although The Year of Spectacular Men is among the best known.  She also has a long career in modeling and writing about fashion.  Being a style icon comes naturally to Melissa Bolona.  In a recent issue of the Telegraph, she appears wearing a black nylon jacket over an otherwise white outfit.  She is as comfortable in front of the camera when just being herself as she is when playing a character.

Watching The Year of Spectacular Men is a great way to be introduced to Melissa Bolona’s talents.  When you watch her other movies, though, you will see that she is a versatile actress.

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