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A Shocking Story: Stray Dog Rescued a Newborn Baby

This incredible, beautiful and in the same time terrifying story comes from Saudi Arabia.

The picture from Saudi Arabia that went viral shows a stray dog carrying a newborn baby in his mouth.

While running around and looking for food, the dog found an abandoned newborn laying on the ground. The stray dog gently placed the baby in his mouth and took it to the nearest house. He left the baby on the porch and started barking and scratching at the door. When the people who lived in the house opened the door, they were shocked by what they saw. There was a newborn baby lying on their porch!

The newborn was rushed to the hospital where he got all the care he needed. The baby is recovering amazingly thanks to his savior- the stray dog!

The baby was apparently dumped by his mother near a waste bin.

Take a look at the images below that vent viral!

A-Shocking-Story-Stray-Dog-Rescued-a-Newborn Baby-1

A-Shocking-Story-Stray-Dog-Rescued-a-Newborn Baby-2