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A Romantic Valentines Dinner for Two with Christina Lane – Best Selling Author of “Desserts for Two”, “Comfort and Joy Cooking for Two” and “Sweet and Simple, Dessert for Two”

 A steakhouse is always a go to for a romantic Valentine’s day meal. They are stocked with red wine, white table cloths, full service staff, savory entrees and decadent desserts. Sometimes though, our lives don’t allow us to make it to the steakhouse, whether we forgot to make the reservation, couldn’t find childcare, we’re on a budget, or we don’t have a date. This in no way should prevent us from treating ourselves or a loved one to a romantic dinner. So, I’ve got you covered with romantic dinner at home ideas. I’ve put together a steakhouse inspired menu to help you bring the romance in to your own home.

When I think of romantic dinner ideas, I think the menu needs to be rich and needs to have chocolate, so we begin with a Nutella Raspberry Martini. it’s rich and thick (thanks to heavy cream–you can use half and half if that makes you happy), it’s chocolatey, it’s nutty, and it has a pop of fruity raspberry. The rim of the glass can be dipped in crushed freeze-dried raspberries which give the glass a pop of color while also complimenting the raspberry in the Chambord.


For the main course for this romantic meal at home for two, we are doing a Cowboy Steak with Brussel Sprouts. We start with 2 10 oz London Broil Steaks and we are going to rub them with coffee grounds, salt, pepper, and onion powder. The steaks will roast in the cast iron skillet while the Brussel Sprouts, we simply sprinkle with olive oil and some steak seasoning and place in the oven to roast.


For dessert we keep it quick, easy, and decadent. I have a five-minute chocolate mousse recipe that is the perfect romantic recipe for two. We simply melt milk chocolate chips in a bowl, add an egg yolk, then beat the chocolate mixture into whipped cream. We can top the mousse with a slice of strawberry and a spoonful of whipped cream.


I hope you have a lovely and romantic Valentine’s Day.

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