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A Romantic Man Proposed to his Girlfriend 365 Times without Her Knowing it

“The One Year” marriage proposal brought the whole world to tears. Dean Smith is the ultimate romantic, who figure out, one year ago, that Jenifer is the perfect woman for him and since then he started filming the ideal marriage proposal.

Inspired by the fact that Jenifer loves countdowns, he filmed himself holding a white board with the marriage proposal written on it.

“I just wanted to show how much I love you, that you’re the smartest person I know, funny, caring and the most beautiful. To me, you are perfect!”- says Smith in the video.

Jenifer received this video as a birthday gift. During her birthday trip in Aruba her family walks her to the beautiful beach when she sees the video for the first time. At the end, Dean personally asks her to be his wife. And of course, Jenifer said YES!