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A Post Office Worker Finds an Unusual Package That Will Change Her Life!

It looked like an ordinary Monday morning in the post office in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania except it wasn’t! An hour and  a half into her shift, Patricia Polites got an info that there was a small package in the post’s lobby. She rushed to see what was happening when she saw a small, black Chihuahua in the corner of the room. The tiny puppy was all alone, no leash, tags, food and was shivering.

“He was so scared, but the sweetest little thing. I went to reach for him and he didn’t jump or anything. So I picked him up, and he just put his head on my shoulder and cried. It was the saddest thing,” says Patricia.

Patricia grabbed the tiny dog and returned into her office. She placed the puppy in a laundry basket and gave him some food and water. Polites posted the news about the Chihuahua online and the story spread quickly. The dog raised quite an interest.

“We’ve had people coming in all morning, asking if they could have the dog, because they saw him online. We had people that morning, while we were waiting for Hound Hunters to come, walking in and asking, ‘Can we take the dog?’ and I was like, ‘No, you can’t,” says Patricia.

A couple of hours after the news, Christine Cahill of House Hunters came to take the dog. She took it home to give him a warm and safe place to stay. The dog even got a name; Christine’s daughter named it Batman.

“The first day he was scared and didn’t show much emotion at all…but, by the next morning, he was happy-go-lucky, wagging [his] tail, following us around and just wanting to be picked up and loved,” says Christina.

Christina took Batman to the vet where they found out that he was suffering from a condition called Alopecia, which causes hair loss.

Christina also explains that she got hundreds of calls from people who wanted to adopt Batman, but she knew just the right person for him.

“My daughter had a Chihuahua that passed away a few years ago. When I saw Batman, I knew she would be the perfect one to foster him. It took her one second to say she was adopting him if no owner claimed him,” says Christina.

Batman is now a happy little dog, enjoying life to the fullest.

Christina also wants to raise awareness for all those dogs that are left in the shelters, waiting to be adopted.

“I was shocked at how many calls, texts, PMs and emails I got to adopt him. I just wish all those people would go to shelters and adopt! It’s really sad that one tiny dog has so much interest while so, so many sit in shelters,” says Christina.

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