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A Perfect Relationship- What Is It Really Like?

Have you ever come across a relationship that is completely perfect? Both the partners are totally amazing, totally in sync, and have no arguments? No. It doesn’t even happen in movies, which shows how much of a utopian idea that is. Also, where is the fun in that? If both the partners are so laid back that they never challenge their partners to grow, how is that relationship beneficial?

A perfect relationship is one where both partners know that they are flawed. They have their faults, and quirks which might be disconcerting to their partners. And yet, they still try to make their relationship perfect. They try to make it work. For the true joy of a relationship comes from making it work. Having a perfect relationship is not fun at all. For easy is never fun.

Fighting For It

Remember, if you are in a relationship, and you love your partner, you need to fight for it at every moment. You need to stop thinking with your brain, and use your heart. For most of the times, the fights might not make sense, at times they might seem impractical. But you need to trust in your love, and strive on.

Of course, there would be moments when you would rather give up. But simply imagine a life without them. If you love them, it would near impossible for you to do that. So, hold on, and fight hard. Fight for the love you have, fight for your relationship. Fight for what you believe is right. And if they love you, they will fight equally hard.

The enemy is not each other. Couples need to realise that.


Realise that your relationship is never going to be a walk in a park. You would always experience storms and rains. The important thing to do is not let go. Hold on. For the storms will pass, and it will be sunny again. All it needs is patience and tenacity. If you love someone, you won’t give up on them that fast.


The moment you cross obstacles together, you will find your relationship going smooth. You have crossed a hurdle together, and you know what it means to work for a relationship. You both know how tough it is and how much you have worked for it. Nobody would want to throw it away.


You and your partner have taken the decision to be together forever. If that decision is taken while thinking about every single thing, and charted every map on the territory, you are ready for this. Don’t get afraid, don’t lose hope. Simply love. For that’s what all this relationship is about. Love.

A happy life ahead.