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A Guide To Securing Front Doors of Your Home

According to statistics, more than 2 million burglaries occur every year in the United States alone. What is more alarming is that around 60% of these burglaries are house break-ins. This speaks volumes about the need for better home security in place to deter potential criminals and robbers from planning their next target. Securing the front doors of your home play an extremely crucial role in boosting your home safety. According to some research, around one-third of burglars and robbers have invaded houses through the front doors. So, securing front doors should be the top priority if you are looking to upgrade your home security.

Many factors influence the security of your door, including how many people have access to your door, how you use your front door, and the level of risk your property now faces. Those living alone, feeling that very few people have access to their home, should equally feel vulnerable to burglars and robbers as someone living with a large number of people. What’s important is that regardless of your situation, your doors, especially your front doors, should be fully secured.

How to Secure Front Doors of Your Home

1. Changing Your Door Screws

It is important to note that the area where the screws are placed is the weakest area and the most vulnerable part of your door. Robbers and burglars can easily yank out a door with one kick if the screws in the strike plate are not properly fixed. In most doors today, the screws are only ¾ inches leaving the strike plate loose. Such strike plates make the doors east kick in.

The answer to how to reinforce a door from being kicked in is replacing ¾ inch screws with 3-inches screws. These long screws are able to reinforce the door more properly, preventing the doors from getting kicked in. These screws are super affordable and provide a sense of security at a low cost!

2. Prevent Lockpicking By Installing Single Sided Deadbolt

Lockpicking is a process that burglars and robbers use to manipulate the system of a lock to unlock it. In movies, you might have seen how a hairclip is used to open locks – that exactly is an example of lockpicking! Now how to prevent burglars from lockpicking? Simple, install a single-sided deadbolt from the inside of your front doors, and voila! You have now secured your door from lockpicking.

A single-sided deadbolt is a lock mechanism that can be unlocked only from one side. So, if you install it on the inside of your front door, only you can lock/unlock your door from the inside. This is like reinforcement. The best thing about a deadbolt is that it goes much deeper than other door locks making your door secure from being kicked in. Just like door screws, installing single-sided deadbolts is also a cost-effective method of securing your doors, including your front door.

3. Installing a Door Alarm System

The advancement in technology has revolutionized the door alarms that are available in the market today. These new-tech door alarms have motion sensors installed in them, which trigger a loud siren when it detects any suspicious movement around your door. This is one of the best purchases to secure your doors and prevent any house invasions.

Door alarms emit a sound with a frequency of more than 100 decibels, loud enough to be heard by everyone around. This creates panic and distress amongst the robbers, forcing them to leave the premises as soon as possible. Such door alarms are a cost-effective, efficient, and portable solution for protecting your house. In addition to single-sided deadbolts, door alarms can be considered a good investment towards improving the security of your door, valuables, and family!

4. Using Smart Locks to Lock Your Front Door

A smart lock is one of the benefits of living in a sophisticated technological era. Even though this system is still being improved, there are always new ideas and improved designs to be found. Smart locks are keyless, personalized, and extremely easy to use.

The essence of smart locks is that they may be locked or unlocked without a key since the mechanism is automated. As a result, breaking in becomes more difficult. These smart locks can be easily linked to your smartphone to control access to your home. You can choose to lock or unlock your door from anywhere! It is a great option for those who frequently forget whether or not they’ve closed their doors.

5. Install Security Cameras Around Your Front Door

It is proven that burglars and robbers do not target homes with security cameras installed in most cases. You must be wondering that security cameras with wires can be easily tampered hence compromising your home security. But we are talking about the new-age security cameras that are wireless and weather-resistant. So, even if it storms or rains, you will get a clear view of your roaming around your front door.

More importantly, security cameras also have night vision, so you get clear high-definition pictures even during the night. If you install a good security system, the cameras work in accordance with the motion sensors. When anything suspicious gets caught in the frame, a house alarm is triggered, notifying everyone of a possible intrusion.

This step may seem costly, but it is one of the best investments you can make to boost the security of your home – because, remember – the door is the weakest element of home security.


With our discussion, you should no longer feel clueless about how to improve your door security. With these techniques combined, your front door will be reinforced, creating a haven that even the most skilled burglars won’t be able to breach. Safeguarding your home means protecting your dear one. The greatest way to safeguard your home is to secure your door. Choose these techniques and secure your door today!