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A Guide To Buying Engagement Ring for your Fiance

An fascinating phase of life  is getting married. One of the most important first choices to make is to select that ideal engagement ring. This ring is, after all, designed to be worn and loved for a lifetime. 

There is a justification for rings to be circular. The ring represents something that is going on forever (for example, a circle has no continuity, no beginning and no end). That you want to be with someone forever and that your engagement is unbreakable is the best way to connect. 

Engagement rings: Factors to consider while buying

For some reason, the wedding ring was often intended to be worn on the fourth finger of your left hand. That’s because it was the finger that was considered by ancient people to be “closest to the heart” (they felt it had a direct line to the heart and wanted to sit there with the ring). It’s worth noting, however, that this tradition has wandered a little over the years in some nations.

Other than the ancient form of getting down on your knees and saying the four magic words, here jewelry stores are some tips & designs on how to make the right decision and what you should think about when you want to buy an engagement ring.

Respect your fiancée ‘s jewelry preferences 

The options are abundant! Gem, Sapphire, Ruby. What kind of stone does your fiancée like, kind of setting, and/or precious metal color? Suggest the style of other jewelry she likes, or inquire for an idea of her tastes from her mother or close friends.

Determine the ring size for her 

The perfect way is to secretly borrow one of her other rings and have them weighed by a jewelry store if you don’t know this yet. Note that between the left and right hands, there can be up to a half finger-size gap, which can be easily changed after you have supplied the ring.

The decision on whether to pick a diamond 

Diamonds have more brightness and intensity than any other gemstone and are the hardest material known to man. It’s going to survive regular wear and look gorgeous for decades. The common preference of stone for engagement rings has always been this.

Other common gemstones used for rings of commitment 


Also, sapphires and rubies are both very common engagement stones and their high degree of hardness makes them durable for a lifetime, second only to diamonds.


Emeralds are not as tough or as durable as sapphires, rubies and diamonds, but if set with a gold rub over setting, this will aid greatly in the long term to preserve the emerald. 


Opals, which can dry out and crack with everyday wear and are best for occasional wear, have certain stones that are not suitable for engagement rings. 


Pearls are able to absorb liquids and stains, whether cultured or normal. Cultured pearls typically have on the surface many microns of nacre-diamond-shaped calcium carbonate crystals, also known as mother-of-pearl, which in five to 10 years would gradually erode and not look as fine.