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A Giant Sea Elephant Emerges From The Ocean In Iceland

This incredible, basalt cliff located on the island of Heimaey, Southern Iceland really looks like a giant elephant dipping his trunk into the ocean.

The island of Heimaey is actually a geologically young island formed by volcanoes. The elephant that emerges from the ocean is also formed from volcanic basalt and it attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Take a look at this amazing statue created by nature!

A-Giant-Sea-Elephant-Emerges-From-The-Ocean-In-Iceland-1 A-Giant-Sea-Elephant-Emerges-From-The-Ocean-In-Iceland-2 A-Giant-Sea-Elephant-Emerges-From-The-Ocean-In-Iceland-3 A-Giant-Sea-Elephant-Emerges-From-The-Ocean-In-Iceland-4