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A Female Traveler’s Guide to LA

LA is a popular tourist destination. The sprawling city attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists and travelers every year. It’s easy to blend into the crowd in a city as big as LA. So, whether one is alone or with a family, it is a joy to explore LA as one can take advantage of the sense of invisibility. Look for and luxury houses in Los Angeles  and enjoy a great and affordable lodging option. Many female travelers wonder if it is okay to explore LA on their own and especially if they are traveling solo. Well, solo travel can indeed be fun as it is entirely up to you to plan the holiday as per your comfort level.LA is fine for solo female travelers. Still, one needs to be well prepared when traveling solos and ensure that they have a great vacation and safe holiday.

How to enjoy your vacation

As the second biggest city in the US, LA boasts of endless touristic attractions in its distinct neighborhoods. The food is wonderful, the beaches are great, and the museums are awesome. This beautiful city is incredibly sprawling with new things to do and see. Here are some great options for all the female travelers, traveling solo or in the group.

  • Everybody hikes on their holiday in LA, so it is a great way to spend time outdoors and get some exercise. One can go for an urban hike and Trak the city’s public parks. Griffith Park offers a beautiful experience for hiking while Barnsdall Art Park offers an easier trekking route.
  • Head for the beaches, and there are plenty of options where you can have a good time at the beach on the own. You can have a good time at the beach and enjoy a quieter scene. Take a cruise to Malibu for a great experience or wear your snorkel masks and take a dip in the big blue sea to gawk at underwater wonders.
  • Take a scenic drive through Los Angeles’s canyon roads. Mulholland Drive is immensely popular, and one can truly enjoy a great ride during the night time when the traffic is less. Just be careful and avoid those trying force you into talks.
  • You can hit the spa on your own or have group spa visits. Enjoy one of those quality day spas or a massage or body treatment. Korean spa is most popular in LA, and there are many other options for pampering and relaxing.
  • Treat yourself to a great cocktail, and there are plenty of spots in La where you can enjoy a splendidly made cocktail. Just head downtown to enjoy a poolside cocktail at bars and pubs where themes and menus change regularly.
  • Practice all your favorite songs at karaoke jams. You can even rent out a private karaoke room and pick from those hundreds of songs. Sing them to your heart’s content without getting judged by anyone. Once you are confident, you can hit up the karaoke rooms and impress everyone.
  • Museums are a great way to spend quality time in LA. Head straight for LACMA, Getty Center and Geffen Contemporary at MOCA. Browse ancient artifacts and learn about past history and gave beautiful pieces of artworks by famous artists.
  • Go and watch plays and enjoy the performances. Los Angeles boasts of an immersive theater scene, and you can even interact with the actors. These activities are just perfect for solo female travelers. Check out companies such as Just Fix It Productions and The Speakeasy Society.

Staying safe in LA

While LA is safe day and night, one needs to be alert and use their common sense to be really safe. Just enjoy the city confidently and keep the following tips in mind. Like every other large city, some parts of LA are safer than others. While most of the tourist areas are safe, one should always be alert to avoid being a victim.

  • Avoid traveling with any valuables. If you are carrying video equipment or expensive camera, ensure that it fits in the small hotel safe.
  • When going out, leave the “Do Not Disturb” notice on the door and keep the TV and lights on, especially if you plan to go out in the evening.
  • Before opening the door, ask for ID or call and confirm with the front desk before you open the door or let them in. It is not a good idea to allow strangers in your room, especially if they are over friendly.
  • Keep your car locked, whether you have it parked. Don’t leave luggage, electronics, GPS or shopping bags in view.
  • Always be aware of pickpockets in crowded tourist areas. Pickpockets usually work in groups and if you feel like you are being pushed around, move away from the area.
  • Avoid carrying cash as one can pay for most of the things in LA with their credit card. Moreover, the ATMs are just about everywhere.
  • Keep some kind of identification with you at all times and email copies of your ID and credit cards to yourself.
  • Do not carry any valuables in your backpack as most museums require you to check backpacks.
  • LA has a lot of homeless, and it is up to you to give them money. Be polite to them as some of them may be mentally ill or addicts.
  • Always carry ID in nightclubs and bars and carry the number for the local cab. Don’t accept a drink from a stranger and do not leave your purse unattended.
  • Don’t get into arguments with strangers especially at the bars as people can get crazy when they drink.
  • Never go anywhere where you don’t feel comfortable. The gang areas in Los Angeles are away from the tourist attraction areas. Some of the areas to avoid, especially during night time are East Los Angeles, Culver City, Downtown Los Angeles, Inglewood, Van Nuys and Monica.