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A Company Adopts Two Kittens to Boost Employee Moral and The Mission Was Successful!

An office employee must have the ability to organize office supplies, work a computer and answer phones. Meet Debit and Credit! The two office kittens that almost have all of the skills. Both kittens were rescued by the IT/finance department of a transportation company in Ohio and were brought to the offices to boost morale.

The little sister and brother have not only managed to boost everyone’s morale, but they also became huge stars on the Internet. They even have their own Instagram account and thousands of followers.

Having animals in the office has become a huge trend these past years. Psychologist Lotte Spijkerman explains that having dogs and cats in your working area can be really beneficial. They can help reduce stress, increase productivity and simply make your day better!

See the incredible morale boosters Debit and Credit!