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A Cat and a Dog Love to Travel Together and Explore

Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend are hikers that adopted their dog Henry back in 2014. Henry was only 14 weeks only when he got adopted, but was 5 times bigger than other dogs at his age.

“I think he only knew us for 3 days when we took him on his first tour. He found the biggest rock and stood on the edge to see what has around. We knew that he was born for adventures,”explains Bennett.

A few months later, the couple decided to adopt another pet. This time, they chose the cat named Baloo. The kitty also became a part of their adventures.

Henry and Baloo became inseparable and best friends. They really love travelling together with their humans, hiking, exploring the nature and take on wild adventures.

“I call them brothers, but I think Baloo thinks that Henry’s his mom,” says Cynthia.

Check out the incredible travelling duo!