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A Break from Monotony: Time for the Elderly to Add Some Color into Their Wardrobe!

Do not let the gray in your hair keep you from adding color into your life! It is time to shake things up and start adding some color to your wardrobe. Wearing vibrant outfits can do wonders for the mood and is one of the many fun forms of self-care. This blog post will provide you with some great insights about the pros of wearing colorful outfits as well as some vibrant outfit ideas that could add some flare into your life. After all, there are a lot of elderly people out there who could use some fashion inspiration!

Wearing brighter colors can have several health and psychological benefits that you might not be aware of. Some of the benefits include:

  • Increased sense of wellbeing and mood: Wearing bright and colorful outfits can be a huge mood-lifter for anyone, regardless of their age. Especially during winter months or if you are going through a low patch in life, adding some warmer colors to your wardrobe can pull you out of the slump and make you feel better.
  • Improved attention span or concentration levels: Some studies have shown that some specific colors could be helpful for people dealing with issues like Alzheimer’s or other age-related illnesses. Many elderly citizens, who are confined to memory care facilities, and currently isolated from family and friends, could try some brighter outfits. It might provide them a sense of warmth and comfort. For example:

Red: It is a warm color, and it helps to stimulate the heart. In addition, red can also be associated with love.

Orange: This is another warm color that is stimulating and energizing! As well as soothing for those dealing with anxiety or memory issues.

  • Boost confidence: Wearing vibrant outfits helps you stand-out amongst people and can make you feel good about yourself, ultimately boosting your confidence!

Colors that look great on older people

  • Red looks great on older people and gives them an energy boost. It is best to wear it in combination with softer colors such as black, white and shades of brown for example.
  • Yellow and Orange are beautiful colors to add into your outfit if you are looking for something cheerful and vibrant but still neutral enough that it will work with any accessory you have at home. It looks wonderful when paired with dark browns or blacks as well as blues in the wintertime. These bright colors can make older people feel joyful and happy instantly!
  • Blue It is seen that elderly people gravitate toward the color blue. This should not come as a surprise though! Blue is a calming shade that can relieve tension and provide a sense of comfort to those who are feeling down or out-of-sorts.
  • Green Is another great color option for elders. It is a stimulating and uplifting color that makes people feel calm. However, pastel green or light green would be a better option than darker green. It is a relaxing, yet elegant choice of color.
  • Pink and Lavender are beautiful colors which have a calming effect on your eyes and body. Older people can wear them during any season with matching accessories.

Tips on how to wear colors that will look good on older people

  • Avoid stark contrasts in colors and choose complementary shades that will look good together. For example, if you want to wear a lot of reds, blues work well with it.
  • Use matching accessories like scarves or jewelry items to tie the outfit together. This also helps add some color into your life!

Outfit ideas that are perfect if you are a senior citizen and looking to make a change!

– If you are feeling blue: Try wearing a baby pink or powder purple dress. With some simple accessories like pearl earrings and white, open toed shoes.

– Feeling green? Wear a bright day outfit with tons of greens! For example, try wearing a yellow blouse with forest green pants along with brown wedges and a matching scarf!

Ways to add variety in your wardrobe without spending extra

If you are worried about spending too much on clothes. Here is how you can wear colorful clothes without spending too much money:

  • Use vibrant colors in the clothes that you already have on hand.
  • Put together outfits with a simple color palette, but different textures to add some interest. This is easy for example by wearing plain black pants and a colorful blouse or sweater!
  • Wear pieces of your outfit as separates instead of all at once.
  • Wear accessories or shoes to complement your outfit.

There are many reasons why the elderly should wear brighter colors, but one of the main aspects is that it will make them feel more energetic and youthful. Wearing clothes in vibrant shades can also help with mood, self-esteem or when they are dealing with sickness or any other hiccups. We have put together a list of vibrant outfit ideas for elderly men and women which they can easily incorporate into their current wardrobe without spending extra money and look fashionable at the same time. However, the bottom line is, one should always wear the outfits and colors that make them happy!