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A 9-Year Old Girl With a Huge Heart: She Builds Shelters and Grows Vegetables To Help The Homeless

When Hailey Fort was 5-years old, she was taking a walk with her mother when she noticed a lot of homeless people around. She asked her mother if she could buy them a sandwich but she knew that wasn’t the solution for their problems. She started thinking about how sad it is to live on the streets without a roof over your head and she came up with an idea. She decided to make wooden shelters for the homeless.


She has already built 12 shelters and she has also started growing fruits and veggies to feed the homeless.


She makes her shelters from wooden pallets and recycled materials and makes them mobile so that homeless people can take the shelters anywhere they go.





She sometimes gets help from her family but she mainly does all the work. Each shelter causes her 300$ and she has an account so that other people could donate and support her cause.



Hailey is a true hero and a girl with a huge heart. She made lots of homeless people happy and gave them roof over their heads!