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9 Ways to Save On Your Electricity Bills

It might not be a problem until the month runs out and you figure out you don’t have a choice but to settle another massive amount of electricity bill.

So if you have the question, “what are the ways to save on your electricity bills?”

We know you would like to use all your appliances without limits, as they are so important, but the adverse effect is the super huge bill you have to settle monthly.

We’ve all been there, and through our experiences, we have nine ways that can help you have some savings from your electrical bill and provide an answer to this question.

  1. Keep your Blinds Closed

When the sun begins to release its energy during summer seasons, the heat can’t be compared to other seasons, so you would require more energy use from your air conditioners to balance the temperature in your house.

Keeping your blinds closed would help your ACs balance the temperature in your home without requiring so much on your electricity, and if you like to enjoy the natural lighting from the sun, then you can go outside your house to receive it, while you close your blinds till you return.

  1. Use your Ceiling fans

Even while using your air conditioner, you should turn on your ceiling fans. You may not run high speeds on them; a low setting would be perfect. Your AC’s thermostat will sense the air that is circulated and not require much power to cool the air.

So when the heat rises, you will not only conserve money on your electric bill, but you would also have a more consistent and comfortable temperature from your air conditioner circulating in your home.

  1. Let Light in

The Natural light from the sun is a source of vitamin D that would reduce fatigue, fight depressions and Seasonal Affective Disorder.

You should open your windows and curtains to let the lights come in, instead of overusing your electricity when you already have a big, free and bright source of light right outside your house waiting to get in.

  1. Use the wall sockets

Most times when we have used a service from any one of our electronics, like our TVs, our computers, or our games, and even when we have completed a charge on our phones, we do never turn these things off.

Our money would be saved if we do, so instead of just hibernating them, it is preferable we switch them off from the wall after we shut them down. For our phones, unplugging and switching them off from the wall would help extend the life of both your phone battery and your charger.

  1. Buy energy efficient appliances

Of course, there are some appliances you would need daily and can’t do without when you are purchasing this appliance you should make a check on them to ensure they are not energy draining.

Buying old fridges, washing machines and or air conditioners might be easier to afford, but they do not meet up with today’s standards for energy efficiency. When you consider how intensive their usage would be on your electric bill, you would rather make a different choice of purchase.

  1. Organize your fridge

The terrible smell and gross appearance of a disorganized fridge with half-empty bottles of wine and old food items are not the only reason why should clean out your fridge.

A disorganized fridge would cost you money, one of the ways it would is by adding to the amount you are spending on pilling up goods that you would never use; another way is that your fridge would freeze faster and require lesser energy to cool the fewer items in it.

  1. Wear light dresses indoors

The reason why you hear complains about your house being hot all the time might not be the house, it might just be that you are not dressing right.

There is no necessary reason to wear jeans indoors when you would be more comfortable wearing shorts and a top and not need to turn the air conditioner its max. These might seem insignificant, but it isn’t.

  1. Use Cold Water

The best way to save energy on your washing machine is to use cold water while washing your clothes.

Washing your clothes with cold water would save the energy from heating water, which would, in turn, reduce your excessive electricity bills. It would also extend the lives of your clothes.

  1. Go Solar

When we say “go solar,” we don’t mean you immediately make solar your only source of energy, but you can begin with your garden lights that can charge during the day and be available for use at night. You can go further to installing some solar panels on your roof.

Although solar energy can be so expensive at first, when you consider how much you would save on electricity, it would seem right


You should note that while purchasing an appliance you should check the label to be sure of the energy efficiency, and most things in your house can become radiators when the summer heat sets in.

Another thing you can do to maintain a reduced electricity bill is by testing your electronics with a multimeter. If you are new to multimeters, it is a device you can use to monitor the current, the voltage and the resistance of your electronics.

Appliances like your fridges and ACs require consistent monitoring, by knowing the amount of energy they consume, you save more electricity by managing them more appropriately.

Yes! We have given nine ways that can provide definite answers to your excessive electricity bills, but you also know you might keep having this same problem until you put them into practice.

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