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9 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With an Evil Black-Hearted Person

Not all people in the world have a warm heart. Some people have a cold, black-hearted heart. These people lack any empathy for others, and need to be avoided at every cost. So, in order to better avoid the black hearted people of the world, here are 9 warning signs you should keep a close watch.

1. They’re Careless

Person who is unreliable, irresponsible, and careless, usually doesn’t care about anything that happens around them. They are troublemakers who don’t consider any of the consequences because they simply don’t care about them. This is the type of person that will act out or do something dangerous for no reasons and never feel sorry for what they have done. They’re completely thoughtless.

2. They Lie A Lot

These people will lead you into their web of lies and will continue to lie themselves and the people around them until they can. Once their old lies are forgotten, they put on top new lies and it goes in circle. The difference between a normal person who lies and a black hearted person is that the person with a black, cold heart will actually believe their own lies.

3. They Always Like to be the Center of Attention

Black-hearted people believe that they’re more important than everyone else and they always seek for attention. They will go out of their way to create drama in order to get attention.

4. They Don’t Respect Your Time

Don’t expect these people to show respect, these persons only worry about themselves. Remember, you mean nothing to them, so also your time and needs mean nothing to them. They will try to use you as much as possible, not caring whether you have time for them or not. They think you should spend your entire time on them, because they believe that whatever you choose to do is worthless.

5. They are Great Manipulators

Manipulators use illusive and underhanded tactics by exploiting another person for power, control, and privileges at the other person’s expense. They play on your good intentions, vulnerabilities and weaknesses in order to get what they want. Manipulators are often someone close to you, your friend or partner.

6. They Feel No Guilt

These people do not feel guilt or remorse for another person. Also, they would have no reason to find themselves at fault for something that they did with the intention of hurting others. An honest, caring person would feel guilty if they knew that their actions may hurt or deceive someone that they love and care about, but these is not a case for these people. They don’t feel love, they don’t show respect, and therefore, their ego is so strong they feel no guilt.

7. They Hide Information

These persons often hide information about them or about anything that may be threat to them in order to fulfill what they need. This information may reveal their true nature or their plans, so hiding them and acting like they don’t exist is mostly what they do in order to hide themselves and continue with their lies and manipulation.

8. They Deny Reality

They live in their own lives that they created for themselves and the image they want to be, so when someone tries to put them to the ground they refuse to believe and accept it, so they will start a rant on their own and once the other person feels like it’s too much backs away. They believe their own twisted game and their own lies, and when lies become their reality they are far from aware that the truth is something else.

9. They Live A Double Life

These persons always wear masks to hide their true nature. They treat everyone differently. As long as they can see a benefit from someone they would be all nice and good, and when someone no longer gives them what they want they wouldn’t even notice their existence.