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9 Things New Moms Actually Want at a Baby Shower

Whether or not you’ve had a baby, you might be at a loss as to what to get mom-to-be at a baby shower. You want a gift that’s cute, fun, and functional. Most of all, you don’t want to get the polite smile bad gift-givers get at these types of occasions. So, use this list of baby shower gifts moms will love.

  1. A Personalized Mommy Gift

For nine months, mom gives up a lot to carry her precious cargo. She’ll sacrifice sleep, food, her figure, her back, and more. After the baby is born, she’ll give everything to her precious little one and be happy to do so.

So, when someone gives her a gift just for her, not for the baby or anyone else, she’ll be touched. Put together a customized gift basket perfect for mom.

  1. Diapers and Wipes

The average parent spends about $1000 in the first year on diapers alone. Add a few hundred for wipes, and you have a very expensive pair on your hands! Larger size diapers, such as those made for a two-year-old, are even more expensive, and moms will love having them on hand after their babies arrive.

When buying diapers as a gift, think about future sizes. Most babies don’t spend much time in newborn diapers; some are even born too big for the newborn size. Babies spend the most time in size 3 diapers, so that’s always a safe option. At the very least, include a gift receipt to make exchanging for the right size easy.

  1. Baby Bath Sets

Many first-time parents don’t think about details like bath time when they’re shopping for baby. A functional and cute bath set can be a huge blessing to them! Include soaps, lotions, a highly-rated bath support, towels, and wash cloths.

Don’t include baby powder. While this was once a must-have in baby bath sets, it’s now taboo as it can cause problems with the digestive track and often contains talc, a substance linked to cancer in some studies.

  1. Video Baby Monitor

A simple, one-way audio baby monitor is a wonderful gift, but a video monitor makes all the difference for new parents. Moms and dads can keep a close eye on their little ones without worrying about waking them up when they open the door to the nursery.
There are many different options for baby monitors, some costing more than $200. However, a basic $50 model that connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a smart phone will do the trick.

  1. Formula (if applicable)

If you learn that the mom-to-be has decided to do formula rather than breastfeed, buying them their formula of choice can be an amazing gift! Formula can cost parents thousands of dollars per year if they purchase the name-brand products.

Some babies are picky with formula, so it might be wise to purchase the formula after the baby is born and has decided which formula he/she likes best. Moms love late baby shower gifts!

  1. White Noise Machines

Baby sleep experts are now strongly recommending white noise as a sleep aid for babies. Not only does it drown out noise during naps, but it also simulates the sound of the mother’s womb, which is comforting to a baby at all ages.

The word “machine” is plural in this section because any mom will want both an at-home machine and a travel version. Choose a model that runs on batteries and clips to the car seat handle, so moms can run their errands during naptime without waking baby.

  1. Certificates for Photo Books

New moms can’t get enough pictures of their babies, and they often spend hours after their little ones are in bed looking through their favorites. Offer the gift of a hard-copy photo book where they can keep their favorite memories. Most online photo book retailers offer gift certificates that can be emailed straight to the recipient.

  1. First-Aid Gear

First-aid gear is another detail first-time parents often don’t think about. Include thermometers (both oral and forehead), finger nail clippers, baby acetaminophen, a comb, petroleum jelly, diaper rash cream (try Boudreaux’s Butt Paste) and more.

  1. What’s on the Registry

Don’t be that person who looks at the registry and decides that the parents’ version of an item isn’t the best. Unless your customizing the gift or they’re missing something very important on the list, just buy what’s on the registry. That’s what they want, and you’re sure to make them happy by sticking with the list!