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9 Months Old Baby Becomes A Sensation With His Black Beauty

Black is beautiful! That’s a beautiful and powerful statement that aims to empower the beauty in melanin and to dismiss all the racial bias!

The world we live in needs a serious adjustment when it comes to diversity and we need to start embracing all people, no matter their color or religion!

Luckily, many brands are starting to be more inclusive in their choice of models by hiring beautiful people from different backgrounds, faith and age.

Primark was one of those brands. When they asked the gorgeous 9-month old Jeremiah to be on the front cover of their winter issue, his mother was elated. His mother was so thrilled, because her baby is very dark-skinned and him being on the cover, would be a win for all dark-skinned people over the world. Jeremiah’s mother considers the subject of diversity to be very important and that brands need to hire more dark-skinned people. She got her son into modeling because she wanted to show that people of color can be gorgeous, too! Jeremiah is from Nigerian and Ghanaian descent and he’s a truly an amazing model!

Jeremiah’s photos went instantly viral and his manager hopes that one day, he’ll work with luxury brands such as Armani and Hugo Boss!

Take a look at his incredible photos!