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8 Super Easy Exercises That Will Make You Burn 200 Calories in 3 Minutes

If it’s hard for you to squeeze in a workout in your busy schedule, then you’ll love this article. A new study has shown that working out intensely for 2.5 minutes can stimulate calorie burn throughout the day – an extra 200 calories. Bottom line, all you need is less than 3 minutes of intensive workout to burn 200 calories and everyone has 3 minutes a day.

Here are the 8 exercises that you can do anywhere and help you burn 200 calories under 3 minutes:

1. Burpees

This exercise challenges all your muscles.

2. Mountain climbers

This exercise will help you strengthen your legs and core muscles.

3. Walking lunges

These exercises will help you strengthen your core and lower body. They’ll also help you develop balance.

4. Running up stairs

It’s a great way to get a tones backside.

5. High knees

Run in place while you engage your core and pump your arms. Keep your knees high and maintain the right posture.

6. Lateral hops

Make small jumps side to side.

7. Jump squat

Do a regular squat and then engage your core and jump up explosively. When landing, lower your body back into squad position.

8. Box step

Find a step or a stool and just lightly tap your left toes to it, jump and switch feet.