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8 Signs Your Partner is Madly in Love With You

Love is not only felt, but visible too. If you’re one of those people who need a proof of love, pay extra attention to these signs.

Here are 8 signs that show your partner loves you a lot:

1. They share their food

Most men feel weird about romantically feeding each other. Some men even hate when someone takes a bite of their food. If your partner loves sharing his food with you and always offers a bite, he’s probably very into you.

2. They leave you lovely notes and surprise gifts

True feelings are always hidden in the details. Those unexpected acts of kindness are the ones that can lighten up your day and make you feel extra special. Nothings says “I love you” more than a cute, little note hidden in your pocket or a funny message written on the bathroom mirror with a toothpaste.

3. They leave their phone unattended

Some people use all kinds of passwords in order to protect their phones. Some never leave their technical devices unattended and unprotected. If your partner acts like this, it’s usually a sign that he has something to hide and it’s not a good foundation for a relationship.

We all have a right to privacy so your partner isn’t obliged to provide you with all his passwords. On the other hand, if your partner never hides his phone and shows you signs of trust, then he’s a keeper.

4. They leave you voice messages

Online communication is good for those who can’t be together as much, but want to stay connected. Unfortunately, words on a screen can’t substitute the warmth of the spoken words. It’s a great thing that voice messages exist! Voice messages are touching and can make a conversation a lot better!

5. They go for conversation, not silence

We all dream about finding the person we can keep silence with. That wonderful silence when you feel safe and everything is quiet and safe. However, many couples endure a stormy period that can be solved only by thoughtful conversation. A person who really cares about you will choose an open dialogue and honesty to solve the problems. The more you talk, the easier will be to move forward. Love is all about open conversations and understanding.

6. They’re proud of being with you

Keeping your relationship private at the beginning is just fine. But if you’ve spent a lot of time together and one of you is still shy about the relationship- that’s not a good sign. If your partner introduces you to his family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, it shows that he values you a lot. If your partner never stops holding your hand and loves to show you everywhere you go, it means that he’s very proud of being with you.

7. They don’t turn away when you need them the most

Life can sometimes be pretty ugly and that’s when you see who you are with. If your partner is easily scared off by weakness, high temperature, illness etc, it might mean he’s not the one for you. A person who loves you will be there for you and with you even in the worst times.

8. They listen to your advice

The reality is that we all search for a partner who is ready to listen to us and ask for an advice. Don’t forget that two heads are better than one. If your partner wants to hear what you got to say and is open to get your advice, he’s a keeper.

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