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8 desirable and elegant sports gear for girls

Waterproof sportsgirl bag

The most needed part of sporty girl`s accessories are a nice and big bag. When it comes the right solution for a sports girl, that must be a suitable waterproof bag which has separate parts for shoes, sweaty clothes, yoga mats and even a place for the laptop. This kind of bag can help you find your staff very easily and also you can use it as a bag for the gym or for the beach.

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Jubralee sports bra 

The attractive and practical piece of sports equipment is the jubralee bra which encapsulates and elevates the breast while reducing the level of bouncing while sporting.

Power y Tank Luon

We ranked the Power y Tank luon as a third most necessary sports gear which is an inside built bra with removable pads. This bra adds coverage and the soft straps eliminate the possibility to feel restricted while exercising or when you do yoga.

Gym tee shirt 

The urban gym tee shirt is perfect for exercises like Zumba dance, even for some more intensive exercises. The interesting thing about this product is made with recycled coffee grounds which enables moisture management and odor control.

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Sports sneakers

The next sports gear that every girl must have, are the sports sneakers which will make your every step light as a feather. The trick lies in the REVlite foam which is 30 percent lighter than traditional foams and as twice as durable. The heel adapts the foot of the bearer close to the ground,  providing better stability no matter if you are just walking or running or you are weight lifting.

Nice pair of woman sneakers

Once again we present a nice pair of woman sneakers as a “must have“ part of sports gear. This pair is precisely for walking, because of the Midsole technology, which gives stability to hold the foot secure while keeping your feet, ankles and hips in the proper line. The colors are picked up precisely so you can wear them with a T-shirt and jeans.


Marathon GPS

When we talk about real sports accessories we should not forget the colored marathon GPS for  tracking distance, time and burned calories, which enables you to track your progress without having the trouble to write every move you made on paper.

Sports skirt

Maybe the most interesting part of the sports equipment is the sports skirt which is comfortable for sports and in the same time a provocative piece of clothing which points out the sensuality of the girl’s body. As practical as it seems, they are nice to wear during exercising in the gym or simply for your morning going out for a coffee. It has two pockets which are ideal for placing your energy bar or an iPod.