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8 Mysterious Things That Happen While You Sleep

There’s nothing better than a peaceful good night’s sleep. It helps us rest and restore energy. Although we feel most relaxed during sleep, sometimes unpleasant and strange things occur. No one can explain why those things happen, they just do and some of them are scary.

Here are the 8 mysterious things that happen while you sleep:

1. Sleepwalking

Your consciousness is asleep, but there isn’t muscle paralysis. During their sleep, people can walk and even leave their house. In the morning, people don’t remember anything.

Why it happens: It occurs in 4.6- 10.3% of the population. No one knows why it happens and how to treat it.

2. Sleep paralysis

People that suffer from sleep paralysis wakes up in the middle of the night and can’t move a single muscle.

Why it happens: Normally when we sleep, we’re paralyzed. When you have sleep paralysis, the muscles turn off when your brain is awake. More than 7% of the world population have experienced sleep paralysis.

3. Hypnagogic hallucinations

These hallucinations happen when a person is right about to fall asleep, but is still awake and sees weird images around him. Most often people see weird faces and scary images.

Why it happens: Mostly children have them and that’s why they refuse to go to sleep. These types of hallucination can be caused by stress.

4. Exploding head syndrome

A person wakes up from a sensation of a loud explosion. It can be accompanied by a flash or buzz. It’s not dangerous, but it can be scary.

Why it happens: It happens when there’s a surge of neural activity in the areas of the brain responsible for sound.

5. Recurring dreams

Probably each person on this planet has had a strange recurring dream.

Why it happens: It seems that our brain uses these dreams so that we pay attention to something we didn’t notice in our everyday life.

6. Out of body experience

This is a phenomenon where the person, half asleep-half awake, sees herself outside her body.

Why it happens: It’s not very clear why this occurs nor how to deal with it. Some people have even done it on purpose.

7. Sleep talking

This condition is not really dangerous, but it can be quite annoying for the person sleeping next to you.

Why it happens: Children and men are prone to this condition. It’s mainly caused by stress.

8. Sudden enlightenment during sleep

When we constantly think about a problem, and can’t solve it, sometimes the solution might come in our dreams. Even Mendeleev, thinking about how to create the Periodic system, saw the solution in his dream.

Why it happens: Sometimes our subconscious already knows the answer and when we sleep the subconscious is more active and gives us the answer.